Cross Registration


Undergraduate students at Vanguard University may enroll concurrently in courses outside their declared student type (Professional Studies or Traditional Undergraduate) under certain conditions:

  1. Students must complete the Cross-Registration Form1 and receive approvals from the following:
    1. the student’s primary academic program advisor and;
    2. the appropriate department/program chair (or designee) responsible for the cross-registered course.
  2. On the cross-registration form, students must attest that they understand the differences between various formats and must affirm that they will follow the policies governing the cross-registered course(s).
  3. Students may not cross-register for more than eight (8) units in a given 16-week term.  There is no unit cap during the summer term.

Notes and Exceptions:

  1. A student’s fit for the desired course format will be assessed on a case-by-case basis, with particular emphasis on the student’s ability to succeed.
  2. Additional approvals may be necessary for students who wish to have a course outside the student’s declared student program/type satisfy major and/or core curriculum requirements. In such cases, academic advisors will assist students to obtain necessary variance approvals before approving the cross-registration request.
  3. Students receiving Education and Training benefits through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs are exempted from the maximum units allowed requirements and must speak with the School Certifying Official in advance of course registration.


The Cross-Registration Form is available online to current undergraduate students in the student portal (login required) and is applicable for both student types.