Early Childhood Certificate

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The Early Childhood Certificate consists of 27 units. More than 15 units should be completed with Vanguard University in order to receive an Early Childhood Certificate. Students who do not wish to pursue the Early Childhood Certificate may still take individual courses.

ECED-101Child Growth & Development3
ECED-103Child, Family & Comm/Social3
ECED-106Intro to Curriculum for the Young Child3
ECED-108Prin/Pract/Teaching Young Chil3
ECED-126Teaching in a Diverse Society3
ECED-132Early Education Practicum3
ECED-135Health,Safety/Nutrtn/Young Chl3
ECED-137Observation and Assessment3
ECED-150Spiritual Formtn/Young Childrn3
Total Units27