Public Policy Minor

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The academic minor in Public Policy is an interdisciplinary social science minor established to equip students with the theoretical perspective, analytical skill, and substantive knowledge needed to deal with domestic and global policy problems.

Students should take Intro to Statistical Methods, three courses from the History and Political Science area, and three courses from the Sociology area for a total of 21 units.

Required course:
MATH/PSYC/SOC-265CIntro to Statistical Methods3
History/Political Science: Select nine units from the following:9
Principles/Economics I-Macro
The History of Human Rights
U.S. Since 1963: Contemp America History History
Comparative Political Thought
Immigrants in American Politics
Constitutional Law
Public Policy Issues
U.S. Congress and Representation
Sociology: Select nine units from the following:9
Social Problems
Social Psychology
Public Health
Class,Race,Ethnicity & Gender
Juvenile Delinquency & Justice
Urban Studies System
Total Units21

Other courses may count as an elective for the minor as they are developed or as approved by the History & Political Science Department Chair.