Nursing M.S.N.

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Masters of Science in Nursing Curriculum Schedule

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterUnits
NURS-610 Theoretical Frameworks of Education 2
NURS-617 Use of Technology in Healthcare and Nursing Education 2
NURS-630 Curriculum and Program Development 2
The total number of program units are 42 to 45 units.  
Second Semester
NURS-516 Research Methodologies and Project Development I 3
NURS-621 Strategies of Simulation Learning and Instruction 2
NURS-635 Class/Course Preparation/Plan/Comp Eval Competency Evaluation 2
Third Semester
CNSG-613 Advanced Health Assessment 2-3
CNSG-618 Advanced Concepts in Pathophysiology 2-3
CNSG-622 Advanced Concepts in Pharmacology 2-3
Second Year
Fourth Semester
NURS-501 Theoretical Frameworks of Leadership 2
NURS-625 Thesis Development II 2
NURS-651 Advanced Education Practicum (55 hours practice and 5 hours seminar) 4
Fifth Semester
NURS-506 Diversity, Social and Global Issues in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention (online) 2
NURS-531 Assessing, Planning, and Managing Budget Resources 2
NURS-536 Gerontology Care for Today/Future 2
NURS-510 Spirituality/Care/Professional Nursing 1
Sixth Semester
NURS-526 Policies Affecting Health Delivery And Fiscal Systems (online) 2
NURS-653 Leadership Practicum in Healthcare (55 hours practice and 5 hours seminar) 4
NURS-642 Thesis Development III, Final Written Report and Defense 2
 Total Units42-45