Early Childhood B.A. with a Concentration in STEM/STEAM

General Educational Core Requirements37-58
Major Core Requirements39
STEM/STEAM Concentration 12
Total Units120

Early Childhood Major Core Requirements

Lower Division
Upper Division
ECED-300Guiding the Young Child's Behavior3
ECED-301Infant and Toddler: Development and Theory3
ECED-305The Exceptional Child and the Inclusive Classroom3
ECED-316STEM/STEAM: Math for the Young Child3
ECED-320Language and Literacy for Young Children3
ECED-322STEM/STEAM: Science for the Young Child3
ECED-400Early Communication Skills and Literacy In Multilingual Communities3
ECED-405Advanced Curriculum Design and Development in Early Childhood Education3
ECED-460Advanced Practicum I3
ECED-499Capstone for Early Childhood Education Bachelor of Arts Degree3
EC Upper Division Electives9
Total Units39

STEM/STEAM Concentration Requirements

ECED-316STEM/STEAM: Math for the Young Child3
ECED-322STEM/STEAM: Science for the Young Child3
ECED-327STEM/STEAM: Arts and Creative Learning for the Young Child3
ECED-345STEM/STEAM: Technology and Engineering for the Young Child3
Total Units12

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