Music B.A.

The Bachelor of Arts in Music degree is designed for the student who wishes to study music in the liberal arts degree context.  This degree provides a versatile balance of skills which provides the foundation for an array of jobs: private music studio, composition, music industry, music journalism, community music, etc.  The Bachelor of Arts in Music is also well-suited for those students who wish to double major with music and another degree at Vanguard University. 

Core Curriculum Requirements54-52
Major Core Requirements53
Total Units120

Music Major Core Requirements

Musicianship Requirements
MUSC-128Harmony and Form I3
MUSC-129Musicianship I1
MUSC-133Harmony and Form II3
MUSC-134Musicianship II1
MUSC-225Music Form and Literature I3
MUSC-226Musicianship III1
MUSC-228Introduction to Music Technology1
MUSC-273Introduction to Conducting1
MUSC-325Music Hist/Literature I (before 1600)3
MUSC-326Music Hist/Lit II (1600-1900)3
MUSC-327Music History & Literature III2
MUSC-406CMusic and Worship3
Select two units according to applied instrument: 2
Choral Conducting
Instrumental Conducting
Select two units according to applied instrument: 2
Instrumental Pedagogy
Vocal Pedagogy
Select two units according to applied instrument: 2
Instrumental Arranging
Choral Arranging
Performance Requirements
MUSC-105AClass Piano I1
MUSC-105BClass Piano II1
MUSC-145AClass Piano III1
MUSC-146Class Piano IV: Keyboard Improvisation (Or completion of Piano Proficiency Exam)1
Large Ensemble:
MUSC-240University Orchestra1
MUSC-241Women's Chorus1
MUSC-250Concert Choir (one unit)1
MUSC-340University Orchestra1
MUSC-341Women's Chorus1
MUSC-350Concert Choir (one unit)1
Applied Instruction:
Select six hours of the following:6
Beginning Guitar Class
Beginning Voice Class
Applied Instruction: Voice
and Applied Instruction: Voice
Applied Instruction: Piano
and Applied Instruction: Piano
Applied Instruction: Guitar
and Basic Instruction: Guitar
Applied Music: Organ
and Applied Instruction: Organ
Applied Instruction: Instrument
and Applied Instruction: Instrument
MUSI-200Recital Attendance (Co-requisite with Applied Instruction)0
Secondary Instrument:
Select two units from the following:2
Basic Instruction: Voice
and Basic Instruction: Voice
Basic Instruction: Piano
and Basic Instruction: Piano
Basic Instruction: Guitar
and Basic Instruction: Guitar
Basic Music: Organ
and Basic Instruction: Organ
Basic Instruction: Instrument
and Basic Instruction: Instrument
MUSC-462Music and Business3
Total Units53