Theatre Arts B.A. with a Concentration in Musical Theatre

Core Curriculum Requirements50
Major Core Requirements25
Musical Theatre Concentration Requirements31
Total Units120

Theatre Arts Major Core Requirements

Select one of the following:1
Set Construction I 1
Costume Construction I
Scenic Painting I
THEA-200CIntro to Theatre3
THEA-202CHistory of Theatre I3
THEA-204CHistory of Theatre II3
Select one of the following:1
Set Construction II 1
Scenic Painting II
Costume Construction II
THEA-313Scenic and Lighting Design Fundamentals3
THEA-314Makeup & Costume Design Fundamentals3
THEA-324Theory and Criticism3
THEA-386Junior Project1
THEA-450Theatre Internship2
THEA-495CSenior Project2
Total Units25

Musical Theatre Concentration Requirements

Musical Theatre Concentration majors are strongly encouraged to take private voice lessons through the Theatre and Music Departments and private dance lessons through the Theatre Department.

THEA-137BPrivate Voice for Musical Theatre I 11
or THEA-137B Private Voice for Musical Theatre I
or THEA-237A/237B Private Voice for Musical Theatre II
or THEA-337A/337B Private Voice for Musical Theatre III
or THEA-437A/437B Private Voice for Musical Theatre IV
or MUSI-101 Basic Instruction: Voice
THEA-107Acting I3
Choose four units from the following: 24
Theatrical Performance I
Theatrical Performance II
Theatrical Performance III
Theatrical Performance IV
Choose one of the following:1
THEA-133Musical Theatre Dance I1
or THEA-433 Musical Theatre Dance II
MUSC-101Basic Musicianship I2
THEA-121Movement and Voice2
THEA-207Acting II3
THEA-220Musical Theatre Vocal Tech.3
THEA-244Musical Theatre Audition I3
THEA-307Acting III3
THEA-339Industry Insiders3
THEA-344Musical Theatre Audition II3
Suggested Electives
Select 14 units from the following:14
Class Piano I
Class Piano II
Class Piano III
Class Piano V: Keyboard Improvisation
Private Dance Lessons I
Private Dance Lessons II
Private Dance Lessons III
Private Dance Lessons IV
Private Acting Lessons I
Private Acting Lessons II
Private Acting Lessons III
Private Acting Lessons IV
Private Voice for Musical Theatre I
Private Voice for Musical Theatre II
Private Voice for Musical Theatre III
Private Voice for Musical Theatre IV
Musical Theatre Dance I
Musical Theatre Dance II
Acting/Directing for the Camera I
Playing Shakespeare
Stage Combat
Character Acting for Comedy
Dramatic Lit: Script Analysis
Theatre Teaching Assistant
Music Video Production
On the Campus of Orange Coast College 3
Modern Dance 1
Modern Dance 2
Ballet 1
Jaz Dance 1
Jazz Dance 2
Tap 1
Tap 2
Jazz Dance 3
Ballet 3
Modern Dance 3
Tap 3
Dance Composition/Choreography II
Total Units46

Disclaimer: This sample Four Year Plan is provided as a guide for the recommended sequencing of courses. Vanguard University requires that students complete a minimum of 120 units of required course work as outlined on the Requirements tab in order to receive a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. It is the student's responsibility to confirm with the department the course rotation before enrolling in courses. If applicable, please note the footnotes at the bottom of the page for additional information related to courses listed in a particular year and term. Questions, contact the Department ofTheatre Arts Department.

Study Abroad Participation: Students interested in participating in the university's Study Abroad programs are encouraged to reach out to the Global Education and Outreach Office for more information and collaboration in their academic course planning. Students using Education and Training Benefits through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs are encouraged to also reach out to the School Certifying Official for more information regarding how benefits can be applied.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1 Term 1Units
CORE-100C Cornerstone 1
THEA-107 Acting I 3
THEA-PLBCCostume/ Set Or Scenic I 1
THEA-121 Movement and Voice 2
THEA-200C Intro to Theatre 3
MUSC-101 Basic Musicianship I 2
THEO-PLHDTheology Core Requirement 3
Year 1 Term 2
THEA-244 Musical Theatre Audition I 3
THEA-137B Private Voice for Musical Theatre I 1
THEA-133C Musical Theatre Dance I 1
SOC-PLCRSocial Science Core Curriculum Reqm't 3
NT-101C New Testament Survey 3
ENGL-120C Persuasive Writing 3
THEA-132B Theatrical Performance I 0-2
Year 2 Term 1
THEA-313 Scenic and Lighting Design Fundamentals 3
THEA-202C History of Theatre I 3
THEA-220 Musical Theatre Vocal Tech. 3
THEA-433CMusical Theatre Dance II 1
THEA-232A Theatrical Performance II 0-2
ELCT-PLHD3AGeneral Elective 3 Units 3
Year 2 Term 2
THEA-314 Makeup & Costume Design Fundamentals 3
THEA-207 Acting II 3
THEA-204C History of Theatre II 3
THEA-344 Musical Theatre Audition II 3
OT-201C Old Testament Survey 3
Year 3 Term 1
THEA-307 Acting III 3
MATH-PLCRMath Core Req Data Or Stats 3
ENGL-220C Researched Writing 3
HIST-PLCR1History Core Requirement (US History) 3
THEO-300C Developing a Christian World View 3
Year 3 Term 2
THEA-343 Character Acting for Comedy 3
THEA-324 Theory and Criticism 3
THEA-339 Industry Insiders 3
SOC-PLCRSocial Science Core Curriculum Reqm't 3
THEA-PHPR1Scenic Painting/Junior Project 1
THEA-332B Theatrical Performance III 0-2
Year 4 Term 1
THEA-450 Theatre Internship 1-2
ENGL-230C Literature and the Human Experience 3
CHIS-400C Christian Heritage 3
COMM-201C Speech Composition and Presentation 3
HIST-PLCR2History Core Requirement (World Civ) 3
THEA-PLICCostume/Set or Scenic II 1
Year 4 Term 2
THEA-495C Senior Project 2
NSCI-PLCRScience Lec/Lab Requirement 4
THEA-350 Stage Management 3
THEA-441 Directing for the Stage II 3
KINE-148C Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Lecture 3
 Total Units114-121