Department of Business and Management (Professional Studies)

Mission: The Business program seeks to develop leaders who can think critically, communicate effectively, respond ethically, and lead confidently in a global marketplace. The program helps students increase their effectiveness as business professionals and provides excellent preparation for career advancement and the pursuit of a graduate degree.

Admission Requirements for Professional Studies Program in Business:

  • See General Professional Studies Admission Requirements
  • Full-time work experience preferred
  • Completion of Application Process including forms, fees, and a professional resume.

Program Learning Outcomes

PLO 1 - Communication: Students will be able to organize thoughts and compose ideas to demonstrate articulate written, oral, listening, visual, and media skills for effective presentation to varying audiences

PLO 2 – Management, Teamwork: Students will be able to work with others in diverse and cross-functional environments, articulate a personal management philosophy and evaluate strategies used to motivate, manage, and lead teams to achieve stated objectives

PLO 3 - Thinking (critical, strategic, creative) and Problem Solving: Students will demonstrate excellence in critical thinking, problem-solving, analysis, and strategic planning so as to be able to link data, knowledge and insight to make sound strategic decisions on a timely basis

PLO 4 - Ethical Reasoning and Spiritual Formation: Students will be able to engage in ethical reflection, evaluate ethical implications of leadership decisions and strategies, and apply ethical principles and moral values in decision-making

PLO 5 - Decision Making: Students will conduct research and apply analytical decision-making skills to identify structure and solve business problems

PLO 6 - Business Tools and Technology: Students will exhibit technical expertise and demonstrate the use of information technology as a tactical and strategic resource for business professionals


ACCT-P275  Financial Accounting  3 Credits  

Involves the analysis, recording, and summarizing of accounting transactions on the accrual basis. Includes emphasis on accounting as an information system meeting the demands of users for decision-making. (Course previously listed under BUOM)

ACCT-P282  Managerial Accounting  3 Credits  

An overview of the financial tools available to the manager in decision making. Includes a study of income statements, balance sheets, cash flow projections, budgets, changes in financial position, and ratio analysis. Emphasis is on reading and understanding accounting documents rather than on their preparation. (Course previously listed under BUOM)

ACCT-P470  Special Topic:  1-3 Credits  

Study of a special topic in one of the fields of accounting. May be repeated for credit provided topics are dissimilar.


BUSN-P205  Computer Applications  3 Credits  

This course introduces students to math concepts and computer applications that will be used throughout their business coursework. Computer applications will be learned through completion of projects using word processing, spreadsheets, database, and presentation software application. (Course previously listed under BUOM)

Terms Typically Offered: Fall, Spring, and Summer.

BUSN-P272  Managerial Economics  3 Credits  

An examination of the principles of economics needed to be understood and utilized by managers and supervisors in all fields. The internalization of the U.S. economy and possible actions affecting economy in all organizations will be included. (Course previously listed under BUOM)

BUSN-P277  Business Writing  3 Credits  

This course is designed to teach the student how to write and present strategically organized, grammatically correct, persuasive business communications. Attention is given to academic and professional writing styles and standards, communication theory for various forms of business writing, and means of efficient research. (Formerly BUOM 376 Business Writing for Professionals.) This course must be passed with a "C" or better to fulfill writing requirements for graduation. A student receiving a "C-" or lower must retake the course to earn the required grade for graduation. (Course previously listed under BUOM)

BUSN-P316  Business Law  3 Credits  

This course explores the legal environment in which businesses operate. The focus is on the organization and operation of the American legal system, legal rules and ethical constraints that impact business, and the practical application of these rules and constraints to real-world situations. Topics include contracts, torts, agency, ethical and criminal implications of business actions, property laws, and the legal aspects of different business entities. (Formerly BUOM 315 Legal Aspects of the Business Process)

BUSN-P361  Organizational Communication  3 Credits  

An examination of the formal and informal functions of organizations, including an analysis of an agency or organization based upon a system's model. Students will analyze and solve organizational problems using a step-by-step method. Effectiveness in personal and social relationships is also examined. Constructive feedback, dealing with anger and resolving conflict help each student develop a model for effective relationships. (Formerly BUOM 360 Organizational Concepts and Communication)

Prerequisite: BUSN-P378

BUSN-P378  Research Methods  3 Credits  

A course in conducting and applying research for managerial decision-making. Problem formulation, data collection, statistical analysis and interpretation of results are covered. (Formerly BUOM 375 Methods of Research and Analysis)

Prerequisite: General Education MATH Requirement

BUSN-P416  Intercultural Dynamics in Business  3 Credits  

This course introduces students to the elements of culture, the impacts of culture and cultural differences (on communication, values and norms, work habits, practices, beliefs and attitudes, and sense of self) and the importance of understanding and embracing cultural differences in a global business environment. (Course previously under BUOM)

BUSN-P440  Entrepreneurship: Formation/New Ventures Ventures  3 Credits  

The theory and practice of new venture development. Studies business opportunities from the point of view of the entrepreneur/manager rather than passive investor. Topics include strategic management, venture capital, and writing business plans. (Course formerly under BUOM)

BUSN-P456  Business Strategy  3 Credits  

Designed to allow the student the opportunity of integrating the knowledge obtained from accounting, economics, marketing, and organizational management into coherent analytical skills on case studies approximating real world business situations. (Formerly BUOM 455 Business Policy and Strategy)

BUSN-P470  Special Topic in Business  1-3 Credits  

Study of a special topic in business. May be repeated for credit provided topics are dissimilar.

BUSN-P478  Organizational Ethics  3 Credits  

A study of ethical situations in organizations, accountability in government, respect for human rights, and responsibility for ethical and contemporary life choices. Ethical theories and personal values are examined through readings and analysis of situations in organizations. (Course previosly under BUOM)

Prerequisite: BUSN-P378

BUSN-P481  Business Through Eyes of Faith  3 Credits  

A study of the nature of business from the perspective of the Christian faith. (Course previously listed under BUOM)


MNGT-P225  Career Transitions: Landing Your Ideal  0-3 Credits  

This course provides a comprehensive and strategic approach to the career search process. It follows a proven path of progressive steps to identify, plan, and achieve objectives in the chosen field. Included are approaches to connecting directly with hiring managers and demonstrating professional brand competence. The course provides students the tools needed to develop and promote individual competency that will set them apart from their competition. This course is offered Credit/Fail only.

MNGT-P310  Design Thinking and Innovation  3 Credits  

This course introduces students to the Design Thinking collaborative, mult-disciplinary and innovative human-centered approach to problem-solving. Examples from organizations that have successfully implemented the approach will be analyzed and the design thinking model will be applied as part of an experiential project. (Course previously listed under BUOM)

MNGT-P311  Talent Acquisition and Total Rewards  3 Credits  

This course examines the building blocks of a market-competitive compensation and benefits plan using industry best practices and addressing how employment laws, market forces, and labor unions impact compensation practices. Students learn how organizations create talent pipelines designed strategically to enhance business outcomes. Case studies are used to develop an effective recruiting, performance management, and succession plan process that evaluates employee contributions holisticaly. (Course previously listed under BUOM)

MNGT-P312  Training/Development/Performance Mngt  3 Credits  

This course identifies the knowledge and skills needed for effective management of individual and team performance. Students gain hands on experience by designing a needs analysis plan and implementing and evaluating a training and development activity. (Course previously listed under BUOM)

MNGT-P313  Team Dynamics and Leadership  3 Credits  

Study of group behavior and team leadership and how group dynamics affects performance, learning and organizational effectiveness. Emphasis is placed on building highly effective teams, resolving conflict, managing personalities, cultures, political agendas and varying skill levels while securing resources and managing stakeholder expections. Students develop strategies for efficient and productive group management and participate in team-based activities.(Course previously listed under BUOM)

MNGT-P372  Organizational Behavior  3 Credits  

Study of group behavior and how group functioning affects organizational effectiveness. Emphasis is placed on decision making and resolving conflict in groups. Students develop strategies for efficient and productive group management and determine which tasks are handled by groups and individuals. (Formerly BUOM 371 Group and Organizational Behavior)

MNGT-P411  Managing Organizational Change  3 Credits  

This course examines the facets of organizational change and provides students with the theoretical framework and practical skills for developing, implmenting, and evaluating effective change. Focus is also given to analysis of an oranization's structure, strategy, and resources as well as the cultural, legal, and technological context within which the organization functions. (Course formerly BUOM)

MNGT-P412  Leadership Theory and Practice  3 Credits  

Students examine historical and contemporary leadership theories, assess their own personal leadership styles and apply leadership concepts and skills through experiential activities.(Course formerly under BUOM)

MNGT-P413  Managerial Leadership  3 Credits  

This course introduces students to the similarities and differences between management and leadership and identifies the best practices of both. Students learn how to develop and apply effective skills designed to make positive differences in their organizations and communities. Students assess their own managerial and leadership styles as part of an experiential project. (Course previously under BUOM)

MNGT-P425  Career Transitions: Landing Your Ideal Job  0-3 Credits  

This course provides a comprehensive and strategic approach to the career search process. It follows a proven path of progressive steps to identify, plan, and achieve objectives in the chosen field. Included are approaches to connecting directly with hiring managers and demonstrating professional brand competence. The course provides students the tools needed to develop and promote individual competency that will set them apart from their competition. This course is offered Credit/Fail only.

MNGT-P457  Management Information Systems  3 Credits  

Introduction to the Fundamentals of computing technology and the knowledge required to sufficiently understand the management of information systems in business organizations. (Formerly BUIS 456 Computing Fundamentals and MIS).

MNGT-P464  Principles of Management  3 Credits  

An overview of management and how leadership forms an integral part of it along with planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling/evaluating. An examination of the field of management from the perspective of a manager wishing to be more effective. (Formerly BUOM 463 Principles of Management and Supervision)

Prerequisite: BUSN-P378

MNGT-P470  Special Topic in Management  1-3 Credits  

Study of a special topic in one of the fields of management. May be repeated for credit provided topics are dissimilar.

MNGT-P476  Human Resource Managment  3 Credits  

An exploration of the values and perceptions of selected groups affecting social and economic life through an analysis of policies and procedures relating to recruitment, selection, training, development, and compensation of employees. Special attention is given to Equal Opportunity Employment and the Office of Safety and Health Administration legislation through a series of case studies and simulations. (Course previously under BUOM)

MNGT-P477  Managing the Nonprofit Org.  3 Credits  

This course explores the special challenges of management of a nonprofit organization. Through cases, description, and theoretical analysis, students learn about the defining characteristics of the nonprofit sector, major differences between nonprofit and profit-making organizations, and government and business involvement with the nonprofit sector. Students acquire skills focused on governance, financing, and management of nonprofit organizations. (Course previuosly under BUOM)


MRKT-P314  Product Marketing and Brand Strategy  3 Credits  

Introduces students to new product/service planning techniques covering ideation and concept evaluation to product design, packaging messaging, segmentation, share projections, pricing, branding and global planning. Emphasis will be on buidling skills to think critically, creatively, and strategically about the process to design, build, communicate, leverage, and defend sustainable brands. The power of positioning and story-telling for both new and established brands will be examined.

MRKT-P414  Digital Marketing and Analytics  3 Credits  

This course focuses on digital marketing strategies and analytical tooks for assessment. The course covers theory and provides a practical approach to using marketing data sets, data mining and data visualization tools. Students are introduced to decision-making models and social media analytic tools and techniques used to evaluate alternative courses of action to improve digital marketing performance.

MRKT-P470  Special Topic in Marketing  1-3 Credits  

Study of a special topic in one of the fields of marketing. May be repeated for credit provided topics are dissimilar.

MRKT-P471  Principles of Marketing  3 Credits  

An introduction to basic marketing theory and terminology. Students will analyze real-world cases exploring domestic and international marketing opportunities and problems, develop skills and confidence to identify and evaluate critical marketing data, and develop successful programs to solve business problems and capitalize on market opportunities. (Formerly BUOM 473 Marketing in a Global Economy).

MRKT-P485  Strategic Marketing Management  3 Credits  

This course takes a case study approach to the development of marketing strategy and plans. Group discussions, presentations, and written case analyses are used with emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative assessment of management issues. Focus is on critical thinking and applicaiton of concepts and techniques to problem identificaiton, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. It is recommended that students first complete college math and accounting. (Formerly BUOM 485 Strategic Marketing Management.)