Business Concentration Options (All Majors)

Business majors may choose one concentration area as part of the degree program. Concentrations are optional and are 12-units each. Courses completed in a major that are requirements of a concentration do not apply to the concentration and must be replaced with an alternative, approved course. A completed concentration is noted on the official transcript.

Business Concentration Options12
Human Resource Management
Management 1
Ministry Leadership
Organizational Psychology

 Human Resource Management Concentration

The concentration in Human Resource Management helps students understand the issues related to effectively managing a workforce. Focus is on how effective talent acquisition, total rewards programs, performance management, conflict resolution and change management strategies can contribute to organizational success.

MNGT-P476Human Resource Managment 13
MNGT-P311Talent Acquisition and Total Rewards3
MNGT-P312Training/Development/Performance Mngt3
MNGT-P470Special Topic in Management (Conflict Management and Negotiations)3
or MNGT-P411 Managing Organizational Change
Total Units12

 Leadership Concentration

The leadership concentration is designed to support students in their growth as effective influencers and leaders in a diverse and global environment. Students learn to apply practical, evidenced-based solutions to issues in organizational change, group and team dynamics and strategic planning and implementation.

MNGT-P313Team Dynamics and Leadership3
MNGT-P411Managing Organizational Change3
or MILD-473 Change Theory & Strategic Planning in a Christian Organization
MNGT-P412Leadership Theory and Practice3
BUSN-P456Business Strategy3
Total Units12

Management Concentration 

The management concentration focuses on the application of concepts, theories, tools and technologies in multiple management contexts. Students develop analytical and problem-solving skills for addressing management issues in conflict resolution, strategy, small business, and organizational change. NOTE: The Management concentration is not open to students in the the Bachelor of Arts in Management major.

MNGT-P470Special Topic in Management (Conflict Management and Negotiations)3
MNGT-P470Special Topic in Management (Small Business Management)3
or MNGT-P476 Human Resource Managment
MRKT-P485Strategic Marketing Management3
MNGT-P411Managing Organizational Change3
or MILD-473 Change Theory & Strategic Planning in a Christian Organization
Total Units12

Marketing Concentration 

The marketing concentration provides students with an introduction to the role, theory and practice of marketing within an organization. Students demonstrate application of discipline-specific skills through cases, simulations and integrated activities in social media and digital marketing, branding, consumer behavior, analytics, storytelling and competitive strategy.

MRKT-P485Strategic Marketing Management3
MRKT-P470Special Topic in Marketing (Consumer Behavior)3
or COMM-220 Elements of Storytelling
MRKT-P314Product Marketing and Brand Strategy3
MRKT-P414Digital Marketing and Analytics3
Total Units12

Ministry Leadership Concentration 

The Ministry Leadership concentration is designed for those who are leading or participating in ministry, service or non-profit organizations. Students are equipped with a foundation in Christian ethics and introduced to the management concepts and theories supporting successful leadership of Christian organizations.

MILD-368Leadrshp-Christian Organizatn (Write out the word Organizations)3
MILD-460Foundations-Christian Ethics3
MILD-462Management-Christian Organztns (Write out the word Organizations)3
MILD-473Change Theory & Strategic Planning in a Christian Organization3
Total Units12

Organizational Psychology Concentration 

The Organizational Psychology concentration provides students with an introduction to general psychological knowledge including personality, individual and group behavior, motivation, culture, and attitudes. Students learn effective conflict resolution and negotiation techniques and demonstrate application of theories and principles within an organizational context.

PSYC-103Introduction to Psychology3
MNGT-P476Human Resource Managment3
or MNGT-P470 Special Topic in Management
PSYD-432Social/Cultural Psychology3
PSYD-352Industrial/Organizational Psyc (Write out the word Psychology)3
Total Units12