Communication B.A. with a Concentration in Interpersonal/Intercultural

Core Curriculum Requirements52-54
Major Core Requirements22
Interpersonal/​Intercultural Concentration24
Total Units120

Communication Major Core Requirements 

Lower Division
COMM-130Introduction to Communication3
COMM-220Elements of Storytelling3
COMM-258Christianity and Artistic Culture3
COMM-273Visual Technology3
COMM-290Intro to Interpersonal Communication3
Upper Division
COMM-413Preparing for Post Graduation1
COMM-464CMedia Criticism 13
Total Units22

 Interpersonal/Intercultural Concentration Requirements

COMM-305Communication Theory and Research3
COMM-333Small Group Leadership3
COMM-345Intercultural Communication3
or COMM-376 Interracial Communication
COMM-402Family Communication3
or COMM-444 Argumentation & Debate
Select a minimum of nine units of the following:9
Mythology in Film
Nonverbal Communication
Contemporary Issues in Public Discourse
Organizational Communication
Gender Communication
Ethnography of Communication
Culture, Rhetoric, and Pentecostalism
Special Topic:
Total Units24

Disclaimer: This sample Four Year Plan is provided as a guide for the recommended sequencing of courses. Vanguard University requires that students complete a minimum of 120 units of required course work as outlined on the Requirements tab in order to receive a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. It is the student's responsibility to confirm with the department the course rotation before enrolling in courses. If applicable, please note the footnotes at the bottom of the page for additional information related to courses listed in a particular year and term. Questions, contact the Department of Communication.

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Plan of Study Grid
Year 1 Term 1Units
CORE-100C Cornerstone 1
KINE-145C Lifetime Fitness/Wellness Lect 1
KINE-146C Lifetime Fitness/Well Activity 1
ENGL-120C Persuasive Writing 3
THEO-PLHDTheology Core Requirement 3
COMM-220 Elements of Storytelling 3
COMM-130 Introduction to Communication 3
2019Year 1 Term 2
NT-101C New Testament Survey 3
COMM-258 Christianity and Artistic Culture 3
FINA-PLCRFine Arts Core Curriculum Requirement 3
HSPS-PLCRHistory/Political Sci Core Requirement 3
SOC-PLCRSocial Science Core Curriculum Reqm't 3
Year 2 Term 1
MATH-PLCRMath Core Req Data Or Stats 3
COMM-290 Intro to Interpersonal Communication 3
COMM-273 Visual Technology 3
OT-201C Old Testament Survey 3
SOC-PLCRSocial Science Core Curriculum Reqm't 3
Year 2 Term 2
COMM-201C Speech Composition and Presentation 3
ENGL-220C Researched Writing 3
HSPS-PLHDHistory Political Science Placeholder 3
COMM-402 Family Communication 3
COMM-PLUD3AUpper Division General Elective 3 Units 3
Year 3 Term 1
ENGL-230C Literature and the Human Experience 3
COMM-305 Communication Theory and Research 3
COMM-450 Internship 1-6
COMM-333 Small Group Leadership 3
COMM-364 Organizational Communication 3
COMM-413 Preparing for Post Graduation 1
Year 3 Term 2
THEO-300C Developing a Christian World View 3
NSCI-PLCRScience Lec/Lab Requirement 4
COMM-PLAUDEPArgumentation Debate Or Persuation 3
COMM-PLHD3AGeneral Elective 3 Units 3
COMM-PLUDC3Communication Upper Division Elective 3U 3
Year 4 Term 1
CHIS-400C Christian Heritage 3
COMM-PLCOII3Intercultural/Interracial Communication 3
COMM-PLHD6General Electives 6 Units 6
COMM-PLHD3AGeneral Elective 3 Units 3
Year 4 Term 2
COMM-464C Media Criticism 3
COMM-PLUDC3Communication Upper Division Elective 3U 3
COMM-PLUD3AUpper Division General Elective 3 Units 3
ELCT-PLHD3AGeneral Elective 3 Units 3
ELCT-PLHD1Elective Course 1 Unit 1
 Total Units118-123