Music Performance (MUPF)

MUPF-175  Applied Music: Instrumental  2 Credits  
MUPF-176  Applied Music:Organ  2 Credits  
MUPF-177  Applied Music:Piano  2 Credits  
MUPF-178  Applied Music:Voice  2 Credits  
MUPF-215  Applied Music:Instrumental  2 Credits  
MUPF-217  Applied Music: Piano  2 Credits  
MUPF-218  Applied Music: Voice  2 Credits  
MUPF-231  Applied Instruction: Organ  2 Credits  
MUPF-275  Applied Music: Instrumental  2 Credits  
MUPF-277  Applied Music: Piano  2 Credits  
MUPF-278  Applied Music: Voice  2 Credits  
MUPF-315  Applied Music: Instrumental  2 Credits  
MUPF-317  Applied Music: Piano  2 Credits  
MUPF-318  Applied Music: Voice  2 Credits  
MUPF-375  Applied Music: Instrumental  2 Credits  
MUPF-377  Applied Music: Piano  2 Credits  
MUPF-378  Applied Music: Voice  2 Credits  
MUPF-415  Applied Music: Instrumental  2 Credits  
MUPF-417  Applied Music: Piano  2 Credits  
MUPF-418  Applied Music: Voice  2 Credits  
MUPF-475  Applied Music:instrumental  2 Credits  
MUPF-477  Applied Music: Piano  2 Credits  
MUPF-478  Applied Music: Voice  2 Credits  
MUPF-481  Applied Music: Instrumental  2 Credits  
MUPF-482  Applied Music:instrumental  2 Credits  
MUPF-483  Applied Music: Piano  2 Credits  
MUPF-484  Applied Music: Piano  2 Credits  
MUPF-485  Applied Music: Voice  2 Credits  
MUPF-486  Applied Music: Voice  2 Credits  
MUPF-487  Applied Music: Organ  2 Credits  
MUPF-488  Applied Music: Organ  2 Credits  
MUPF-491C  Senior Recital and Research  2 Credits  

For Bachelor of Music degree candidates with a major in performance. Preparation and presentation of representative works on the primary instrument in a forty-five-minute solo recital. Also includes independent research culminating in detailed program notes, a research paper on a special topic related to the recital program and a reflection paper discussing the synthesis of faith and music within the academic journey. Final grade is given by a committee of the Department of Music faculty. This course fulfills the Core Curriculum Capstone requirements for the Bachelor of Music in Performance and Jazz Studies degrees. Lab fee.