Natural Science (NSCI)

NSCI-210C  The Empirical World  3 Credits  

A course in the natural and physical sciences emphasizing man's relationship to the physical world. Relevant topics from physics, chemistry, earth science, and biology will be explored. The course will focus on contemporary issues such as the ecological, economic and human health impacts of air and water pollution, global climate change, ozone depletion, hazardous and solid waste, alternative energy resources, soil, resource depletion, biotechnology, diet and food safety. Completion of accompanying lab (NSCI-210CL) is required to satisfy the core curriculum requirement in natural science.

Co-Requisite: NSCI-210CL

NSCI-210CL  The Empirical World Lab  1 Credit  

A laboratory course in the natural and physical sciences to accompany NSCI-210C emphasizing the process of problem solving using the scientific method. All laboratory experiences are under the direct supervision of the faculty and are designed to give the student hands-on experience in the study of our natural and physical environment. Where possible the laboratory experiments will be coordinated with the material being covered in lecture. The laboratory experience may include supervised field trips. Lab fee.

Co-Requisite: NSCI-210C