Spanish (SPAN)

SPAN-291  Special Topic:  1 Credit  

Study of special topic focusing on Spanish culture, language, civilization, or literature. May be repeated for credit.

SPAN-292  Special Topic:  2 Credits  

Study of special topic focusing on Spanish culture, language, civilization, or literature. May be repeated for credit.

SPAN-293  Special Topic:  3 Credits  

Study of special topic focusing on Spanish culture, language, civilization, or literature. May be repeated for credit.

SPAN-294  Special Topic:  4 Credits  

Study of special topic focusing on Spanish culture, language, civilization, or literature. May be repeated for credit.

SPAN-303  Advanced Spanish I  4 Credits  

Emphasizes advanced levels of the four skills (speaking, reading, writing, and listening). May be taken concurrently with other advanced Spanish courses. Includes selected readings/discussions from Spanish and Spanish American literature and culture.

SPAN-304  Advanced Spanish II  4 Credits  

Continuation of SPAN 303.

SPAN-315  Teaching Spanish/Mltcltrl Sett  3 Credits  

Students seeking to complete the subject matter program in Spanish must take this class as part of that program to ensure that they are integrating Spanish content with their pedagogical experience. This course provides the philosophical background and classroom experience necessary to introduce a person to the teaching profession in a public or private school in a multicultural environment. The purpose of the class is to assist the student to gain an understanding of the resources and challenges facing a teacher serving a linguistically and culturally diverse student population. Discussion will focus on the major professional organizations and educational research related to the philosophical, historical, and demographic developments of American education. Students will complete a 30 hour field work component to observe classroom management and organization, Specially Designed Academic Instruction Delivered in English (SDAIE) instructional practices, and the curricula of grades K-12. The role and function of Christian beliefs and values in the public school will be integrated throughout the course. This course is a prerequisite requirement for the Multiple and Single Subject Credential programs. Lab fee.

SPAN-330  Literature of Latin America  3 Credits  

The study of past and present Latin American authors with emphasis on theme, background, heritage, and culture.

SPAN-335  Spanish Converstn/Composition  3 Credits  

Review and practice of fundamentals of Spanish grammar. Practice in writing essays and summaries in Spanish. Further refinement of speaking and listening skills.

SPAN-345  Spanish Tutorial  1 Credit  

Fluent Spanish speakers will work with students taking SPAN 101 and SPAN 102 to correct pronunciation and accent. These tutors will work closely with teachers of the classes and will be assigned three to four students each semester to tutor. CR/NC, with permission of Spanish faculty advisor.

SPAN-365  Curso Panoramico de Latinoamer  3 Credits  

Portrays a brief historical view of Latin America through themes rather than pure history. Some topics will be explored more for the insights they offer into Hispanic culture, while others will be for the interest they might have for class members. The course is taught in Spanish.

SPAN-366  Civiliz.Y Cultura de Espana  3 Credits  

Survey of Spanish culture and civilization as revealed through history, literature, art, and other cultural indicators. It is recommended that this course be taken before or concurrently with SPAN 368: Introducci¢n a la Literatura Espa¤ola. Conducted in Spanish.

SPAN-368  Intro a la Literatura Espanola  3 Credits  

A survey of Spanish literature from its beginnings through the twentieth century, including an analysis of a selected major Spanish literary work. It is recommended that this course be taken after or concurrently with SPAN 366 Civilizaci¢n y Cultura de Espa¤a. Conducted in Spanish.

SPAN-375  Spanish/Helping Professions  3 Credits  

A basic course for business, health services, education, and social work personnel. Includes useful, everyday phrases as well as words, questions, and sentences related to each profession.

SPAN-380  Cincel Semester Abroad  1 Credit  

The CINCEL Program (Centro de Investigaciones Cultural y Estudios Ling�¡sticos) in San Jos‚, Costa Rica, in conjunction with Vanguard University, offers Vanguard students a total immersion experience in Spanish. The program is for one semester (16 weeks, 16 units) during any one of CINCEL's trimesters, or a half semester (8 weeks, 8 units) available during the Summer trimester.

SPAN-382  Spanish Grammar, Cincel  2-5 Credits  

A study of the major challenges in Spanish grammar, including the verb system, areas of contrast with English, and lexical/semantic issues.

SPAN-384  Spanish Conversation, Cincel  2-4 Credits  

Intensive conversation with supportive written language practice. Emphasis is placed on vocabulary acquisition and idiomatic expressions.

SPAN-386  Spanish Phonetics, Cincel  2-4 Credits  

Study of the Spanish sound system, underlying concepts of Spanish speech production and applications to pronunciation.

SPAN-388  Spanish Practicum, Cincel  1-2 Credits  

Supervised field work in the Spanish-speaking community.

SPAN-428  Current Issues/Latin America  3 Credits  

Examines selected current strategic, political, and theological issues characteristic of Latin American religion and culture. These contemporary issues include areas such as research in Latin America South, a comparison of the Caribbean and Latin America, social movements, and the shifting roles of missionaries. Current issues such as politics, media, gender, and trends will be analyzed.

SPAN-452  Summer Study Tours  1-6 Credits  

Occasional Summer trips to Spanish-speaking countries. These are intensive language programs that will include course work along with the travel and tour. Units are computed according to the duration of the tour, one unit per week. A maximum of six units applies toward graduation. These study trips cannot be used toward the fulfillment of the CINCEL language study requirement in Costa Rica.

SPAN-453  Language,Culture/Linguistics  3 Credits  

This course surveys the acquisition and use of language within a cultural context. It examines the relationship of language to culture, language acquisition, and language analysis or linguistics, emphasizing the utility of such knowledge for educators. Stress is given to understanding language's reciprocal relation with culture, the nature of language systems, and linguistic analysis to enable educators a better comprehension of second language acquisition within learning environments.

SPAN-458  La Linguistica Espanola  3 Credits  

In-depth study of the Spanish sound system, phonology, morphology, dialectology, syntax, semantics, lexicon, and historical and modern contrastive analysis. Conducted in Spanish. Offered every other year. La Ling�¡stica Espa¤ola is required for the Subject Matter Program in Spanish.

SPAN-460  Spanish Field Practicum  1-4 Credits  

Supervised field work of at least three hours per week among Spanish churches, schools, clinics, hospitals, businesses, etc. Students meet weekly with supervisors. A log of personal experience is maintained. CR/NC, for Spanish majors only with permission of Spanish faculty advisor.

SPAN-464  Religion/Culture/Latin America  3 Credits  

This course aims to investigate the dynamics of traditional and evangelical forms of religion in Latin America, including the milieu of popular culture and beliefs, the functions of the Catholic church, current movements within Catholicism, evangelical influences, and Pentecostal growth.

SPAN-470  Special Topic:  1-3 Credits  

Study of special topic focusing on Spanish culture, language, civilization, or literature. May be repeated for credit.

SPAN-480  Individual Studies:  1-4 Credits  

May be repeated for credit.

SPAN-481  Lit of Latin America, Cincel  2 Credits  

Study of Latin American literature and authors. Emphasis is placed on literary analysis.

SPAN-483  Composition, Cincel  2 Credits  

Study and practice of various writing techniques.

SPAN-485  Translation, Cincel  2 Credits  

Study and practice of translation and interpretation. Students experience a variety of situations in order to develop confidence and fluidity in interpretation.

SPAN-490  Seminar:  1-4 Credits  

Mutual investigation of one topic of particular relevance to upper division Spanish majors. May be repeated for credit.

SPAN-499C  Capstone in Spanish  3 Credits  

Students will integrate their faith, learning and experience, through the in-depth study of a selection of complete works of Spanish and Latin American Literature within the framework of a Christian world view, and service to the Spanish-speaking community.