Organizational Psychology, MA

Course Requirements
PSOG-505Introduction to Psychology and Behavior In Organizations3
PSOG-510Specialization: Training/Develop in Org3
PSOG-515Applied Research and Critical Analysis3
PSOG-545Advanced Social Psychology3
PSOG-555Managing Human Resources3
PSOG-605Organizational Ethics and Justice3
PSOG-615Performance Management and Employee Engagement3
PSOG-625Psychology of Leadership and Motivation3
PSOG-635Diversity and the Organization3
PSOG-655Capstone: Organizational Systems, Development Andchange3
PSOG-710Applying Science in Organizations1.5
PSOG-720Professional Development Workshops (Multiple Topics, 5 workshops required)5
Total Units36.5
Optional Specialization (not required)
Specialization: (Intercultural Relations)
Specialization: (Organizational Consulting)