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Mission: The Religion major with a concentration in Ministry and Leadership is designed for individuals who are involved in church or parachurch activities, and who wish to gain knowledge to improve themselves personally and professionally. Upon graduating, students will be prepared for graduate studies and/or  to take a leadership role in their community.

Before beginning classes in the major,  it is required of all Religion majors that they have completed the following courses; OT-201 Old Testament Survey,NT-101 New Testament Survey, and THEO-103 Introduction to Theology.

Note: Vanguard University offers online and hybrid courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. These courses contribute to the development of accessible degree completion options for the nontraditional student.

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MILD-305  Church History  3 Credits  

The development of the Christian Church throughout its history as reflected in its life, thought, institutions, leaders, and literature.

MILD-310  Introduction to Intercultural Studies  3 Credits  

This course is designed to introduce the basic elements of intercultural communication, relationship and service pertaining to missions. Course content will compare and contrast the cognitive processes and behavioral patterns within diverse cultural contexts. The student will integrate theory with practice in order to communicate effectively a holistic gospel.

MILD-364  Crit.Thinking & Writ. for Min.  3 Credits  

This course is designed to teach the student to write well-stated, grammatically correct, thesis-driven essays. Attention is given to academic and professional writing styles, reasonable presentations, the elements of an argument, and means of efficient research. This course must be passed with a "C" or better to fulfill requirements for graduation. A student receiving a "C-" or lower must retake the course to earn the required grade for graduation.

MILD-365  Theo/Church Mission/Ministry  3 Credits  

A theological understanding of the ministry of the church and its mission to the world.

MILD-367  Rsh/Meths/Study/Preach/Scriptr  3 Credits  

An introduction to the basic secondary materials utilized in biblical interpretation, an overview of the procedures of biblical exegesis and an articulation of the steps involved in homiletic construction and delivery.

MILD-368  Leadrshp-Christian Organizatn  3 Credits  

Building effective ministry through the development of a healthy interior life, an understanding of a situational approach to leadership, and knowing the leader's role in the congregation's vision and mission.

MILD-369  Rsrch Meth/Study/Chrstn Org  3 Credits  

An introduction to research methods used to study life and ministry of a local congregation, including research design, collection of data, data analysis, and interpretation of data.

MILD-410  Current Issues in Missions Studies  3 Credits  

Issues considered range from the ethics of evangelism and proselytism to teh cultural dynamics of politics and economics.

Prerequisite: Prerequisite: MILD-310

MILD-422  Conflict Management  3 Credits  

An examination of the nature and causes of conflict in the local church and religious organizations, and the principles of effective intervention strategies.

MILD-440  Pastoral Care & Counseling  3 Credits  

Theological perspectives and psychological resources for care and counseling in the context of the local congregation.

MILD-450  Ministerial Internship  3-12 Credits  

A learning experience integrating classroom theory with practical application through supervised service in a local church, hospital, mission field, or other appropriate setting. May be repeated up to a maximum of 12 units.

MILD-460  Foundations-Christian Ethics  3 Credits  

An investigation of the moral implications of the Christian faith from a biblical and theological perspective.

MILD-461  Theological Thms-Old Testament  3 Credits  

A study of selected, major themes in the writings of the Old Testament.

MILD-462  Management-Christian Organztns  3 Credits  

The principles of effective management as a learning organization in understanding the church's internal processes as well as its relationship with the environment.

MILD-463  Theo Themes-The New Testament  3 Credits  

A study of selected, major themes in the writings of the New Testament.

MILD-464  Ministry-Preaching & Teaching  3 Credits  

A study of the theology and practice of preaching and teaching.

MILD-466  Ministry of the Spirit/Church  3 Credits  

A philosophical, historical and theological study of the third person of the Trinity. This course places special emphasis on the Spirit's empowerment for the church's mission and ministry.

MILD-468  I Cor: Church in Urban Settings  3 Credits  

An exegesis of I Corinthians in the contexts of the life of the apostle Paul and the developing urban church.

MILD-470  Special Topic  1-3 Credits  

Study of a special topic in religion. May be repeated for credit.

MILD-472  New Testament & Contemp Chrstn Issues  3 Credits  

Exegesis and discussion of selected New Testament passages relevant to a variety of personal issues and contemporary life, including sexual ethics, gender roles, Christian parenting, divorce and remarriage, wealth and possession, and the problems of evil, death and dying.

MILD-473  Change Theory & Strategic Planning in a Christian Organization  3 Credits  

An approach to ministry planning in which change theory is integrated with the human and structural dynamics that influence the development of corporate vision and mission processes, goals, assessment, strategy, and evaluation.