Department of Theology (College)

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Mission: The Department of Theology is a learning community committed to the church and to the academy, dedicated to the study of Scripture, theology, mission, leadership, and spirituality for the purpose of transforming individuals, relationships and communities.

The Department of Theology houses both the Biblical Studies and Leadership Studies disciplines as part of the College, and serves both undergraduate and graduate programs within Professional Studies. The curriculum for the theology major is administered through concentrations in Biblical Studies, Christian Formation and Discipleship, Intercultural Studies, Pastoral Leadership Studies, and Youth Leadership Studies. In addition, an option in General Christian Studies allows students to choose any theology electives for the major without having to select a particular concentration. 

All Theology majors are expected to make satisfactory academic progress toward graduation. In addition to the requirements established by the university, the Department of Theology requires that all of its majors maintain a minimum G.P.A. of 2.0 in all major course work as part of their minimum requirement for graduation.

Ministerial Credentials 

Students who plan to apply for ministerial credentials should consult the chair of the Department of Theology for pertinent information and the necessary application forms. PLST-449 Denominational Polity is recommended as one unit toward fulfilling the pastoral ministries requirement in the programs of those students planning to apply for ministerial credentials with the Assemblies of God.

Ministerial Internship Programs and Practicum

The Department of Theology is committed to provide field education experiences that integrate conceptual aspects of ministry with the practice of ministry in local churches, hospitals, mission opportunities, inner-city ministries, and other parachurch organizations. Goals for field education include spiritual formation, mentoring relationships, theological reflection, and specific training in ministry skills that provide the framework for such integration.

There are two academic programs designed to provide these integrative experiences:

  1. PLST-450 Ministerial Internship (3-12 units) is a structured field experience designed for students who wish to have an in-depth exposure to the practice of ministry within a local church under the supervision of a pastor and theology faculty member.
  2. PLST-460 Practicum (1-3 units) is intended for students who are currently involved in a particular ministry and wish to receive credit for guided reflection and supervision of that experience by the on-scene administrator and theology faculty member.

The deadline for admission in the Ministerial Internship Program for the Summer or Fall semester is April 15 of the preceding Spring semester. For the Spring semester, the deadline is November 15 of the preceding Fall semester. The deadline for a practicum is the first week of the semester. Application forms are available in the Department of Theology office.