College of Arts and Sciences


Michael D. Wilson, PhD, Dean
Diana Avans, PhD, Associate Dean

Message from the Dean

Welcome! I am proud to lead the College of Arts & Sciences, which is filled with wonderful students and high-achieving, caring faculty and staff. The academic disciplines in the College form the core of a liberal education. The root of the word "liberal is liber, which means "free," and we aspire to think freely, for God has given us a spirit of fearlessness, power, love and self-control (2 Timothy 1:7).

Students in the College develop the ability to think critically, analyze, research, and solve problems - all with reverence for God, the very foundation of wisdom. This type of education not only makes our students desirable to employers, but helps them live their best lives. I myself am a product of this fine institution (class of '83!). My degree in English prepared me well for a PhD program in history at UCLA. I find that students sometimes worry about choosing the "right" major; I believe that all of our majors prepare students to think clearly and wisely for the marketplace and for a world that needs good, Godly thinking!

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Pre-Professional Preparation