School of Education


Jeff Hittenberger, PhD, Dean

Message from the Dean

At Vanguard University, we believe that educators can bring love and wisdom into their classrooms at a time when so many students have experienced enormous challenges, stresses, and traumas. We offer a community of learning that is also a community of caring.

In the School of Education, you can prepare to be an early childhood, elementary, middle, or high school teacher. You can do this by completing your teaching credential requirements so as to be recommended to the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing. Your teaching credentials authorize you to teach in public or private schools in California, or to easily transfer your credentials to another state.

You can complete your teaching credentials at either the undergraduate level, as you complete your Bachelor’s degree, or at the graduate level if you already have a Bachelor’s degree. You can apply your credential coursework toward the completion of your Master of Arts in Education, a highly efficient way to complete both and grow in your effectiveness and leadership as an educator.

At Vanguard University, you can complete an undergraduate Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies, or Early Childhood Education, or in a subject matter area (e.g., Biology, English, History, Music, Math) that you want to teach in middle or high school. You can also continue your learning with courses through the Teacher Advancement Program.

Some of the distinctives of Vanguard University’s School of Education are:

  • Caring staff and faculty who know you by name.
  • A team that will walk you through every step of the process to completing your credential and degree programs; you won’t be alone and you won’t just be a number.
  • Classes with outstanding faculty who bring you the latest in educational strategies, brain science, and compassionate practice.
  • Learning experiences beyond the walls of the classroom through field trips and many hands-on experiences with students.
  • Online and in-person course and program options.
  • A community of learning rooted in Christ’s love and wisdom.

Departments Housed within the School of Education 

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