Academic Probation and Disqualification


“Academic probation” is a term used to designate a period of close academic supervision, generally including reduced allowable activities, imposed to improve unsatisfactory academic performance. Students on academic probation may not register for more than fifteen units, excluding physical activity courses, during the probation period. Such students shall not hold a student body office and must curtail extracurricular work and activities as recommended by their faculty advisor. In certain cases, eligibility for participation in intercollegiate sports may be forfeited.

A student’s official transcript may reflect academic probation following any full semester in which a student’s current or cumulative grade point average (GPA) drops below a “C” average (2.0). This academic standing will remain in place unless the student receives a change of grade bringing both their current and cumulative GPA above 2.0 prior to the end of the withdrawal period of the following semester. Academic probation will continue for the student until the current and cumulative GPAs are raised to 2.0 or higher.


Traditional Undergraduate Program

A student is academically disqualified when there are two consecutive semesters of current or cumulative GPA below “C” (2.0). Students academically disqualified are precluded from further enrollment. In certain situations (explained in the letter informing the student of disqualification) students may appeal for re-entry. Appeals begin with the Dean of the College.

Professional Studies and Non-Traditional Education Programs

A student is subject to academic disqualification based on the guideline below.

  • If after acquiring Probationary status the previous semester, the student earns a current GPA below “C” (2.0) in the subsequent semester.
  • If after being accepted provisionally.

If the student’s current GPA is "C" average (2.0) or higher, but the cumulative remains below a “C” average (2.0), the student will remain on Academic Probation status until both the current and cumulative GPA are above a “C” average (2.0).

A disqualified student must submit the following in order to be considered for re-admission into the university:

  • An application for Re-Admission
  • The Re-Admission Fee
  • A petition explaining the previous academic performance and outlining the steps that have been taken to improve future academic performance.
  • Official transcripts for any coursework completed since being disqualified from VU. Transcripts must provide evidence that a minimum of 6 units of coursework at another accredited institution have been completed since being disqualified from VU with grades above a “C” average (2.0).
  • Any other required items

For students who have been disqualified due to reasons of health, family emergency or other similar life changing events, their applications will be reviewed and evaluated on a case by case basis.  For students in this category who were not accepted on a provisional basis but had a circumstance beyond their control, all of the above steps must be followed (minus the additional course work and transcripts).

After all re-admission items have been received, the Admissions Committee will, in consultation with the Program Chair of the student’s intended major, review the student’s file and render an admissions decision.  This decision will be communicated to the student via letter.  Decisions may be appealed to the Dean and then to the Office of the Provost.

Students who have been readmitted to the program after a disqualification will be admitted on probation and will have their status reviewed at the end of the semester in which they return. Students who have achieved a current and cumulative 2.0 GPA or who have received a grade of “B” or better in each course taken during the probationary or disqualification term may enroll in the next term without petitioning. Students who have not met one of these criteria must submit a petition for further consideration of re-enrollment.

Note: Often registration for subsequent terms occurs before completed grades for the previous term are submitted by instructors. Students are advised that they may acquire Immediate Probation or Immediate Disqualification status from the previous term well after starting their new term. Students in jeopardy of Immediate Disqualification should register for the next term at their own risk. Should Immediate Disqualification occur the student will be dropped from all subsequent courses.

Graduate Programs

Students academically disqualified (see program sections for information on student standing) will be dismissed from the program and are precluded from further enrollment. In certain situations (explained in the letter informing the student of disqualification) students may appeal for re-entry. Appeals begin with the Director of the Program.