Course Repeat Policy

Academic courses offered at Vanguard University are not repeatable unless specifically noted in the catalog.  Those students who wish to retake a course due to a low or failing grade are permitted to register again for the same course during any given semester. All grades will appear on the student’s permanent academic record (transcript).  When a course is repeated, all grades will remain on the transcript, but only the higher grade is computed in the grade point average.  In the case that the grades are the same, only the most recent grade will be included in the grade point average (G.P.A.).

Professional Studies and Non-Traditional Education Programs

Students are required to receive a “C” or better in their upper division writing course MILD-364 Crit.Thinking & Writ. for Min.PSYD-367 Writing and Research Skills in order to fulfill writing requirements for graduation. A student receiving a C- or lower must retake and complete the upper division writing course with a C or better to be granted his/her degree.  NOTE: These upper division courses should be repeated as soon as possible. Only continuing education or professional development courses may be offered with Credit/ No Credit grading.