Enrollment Status Definitions

Vanguard University defines enrollment status below for current students based on a 16-week term: 

Traditional Undergraduate1:  12 units
Professional Studies or Non-Traditional Education2:  9 units
Graduate3:  6-9 units

Undergraduate1:  9 units
Graduate:  7 units

Undergraduate1:  6 units
Graduate:  5 units


Includes all students taking undergraduate level courses regardless of the delivery system (e.g. online, seated) or student type (traditional or professional studies).  Also includes students pursuing their teaching credential, though coursework will count toward the MA degree.


Professional Studies programs are offered in a cohort model and offered in 5 and 8 week sub-terms within the overall 16-week term. Nine credits taken in the sub-term cohort format is considered full-time. 


Please contact the respective Graduate Program Chair for more information on number of units required for full-time status in a particular program.