Nursing M.S.N.

  1. Advocate for health policy changes that enhance population health and promote professional nursing practice.
  2. Utilize emerging technologies to provide credible health information to clients, nurses, and students.
  3. Perform assessments focusing on physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of culturally diverse individuals.
  4. Develop curriculum/teaching plan.
  5. Support legal and ethical guidelines in all aspects of nursing practice.
  6. Develop a thesis project using research, critical thinking, and evidence-based practice principles.
  7. Prepare to assume a senior leadership/management position and/or the role of educator in a health care agency or college setting.
  8. Integrate faith and lifelong learning in personal and professional life.

Note: an undergraduate level statistics course is a required pre-requisite for the MSN program. 

CNSG-613Advanced Health Assessment2-3
CNSG-618Advanced Concepts in Pathophysiology2-3
CNSG-622Advanced Concepts in Pharmacology2-3
NURS-501Theoretical Frameworks of Leadership2
NURS-506Diversity, Social and Global Issues in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention2
NURS-510Spirituality/Care/Professional Nursing1
NURS-512Leg/Eth Perspectives for Adv Prac Edu & Education and Leadership/Management2
NURS-516Research Methodologies and Project Development I3
NURS-526Policies Affecting Health Delivery And Fiscal Systems2
NURS-531Assessing, Planning, and Managing Budget Resources2
NURS-610Theoretical Frameworks of Education2
NURS-617Use of Technology in Healthcare and Nursing Education2
NURS-621Strategies of Simulation Learning and Instruction2
NURS-625Thesis Development II2
NURS-630Curriculum and Program Development2
NURS-635Class/Course Preparation/Plan/Comp Eval Competency Evaluation2
NURS-642Thesis Development III, Final Written Report and Defense2
NURS-653Leadership Practicum in Healthcare2
NURS-651Advanced Education Practicum2
Total Units38-41

Disclaimer: This sample Curriculum Plan is provided as a guide for the recommended sequencing of courses. It is the student's responsibility to confirm with the department the course rotation and availability before enrolling in courses. Questions, contact the Graduate Program in Nursing.

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterUnits
NURS-610 Theoretical Frameworks of Education 2
NURS-617 Use of Technology in Healthcare and Nursing Education 2
NURS-630 Curriculum and Program Development 2
Second Semester
NURS-516 Research Methodologies and Project Development I 3
NURS-621 Strategies of Simulation Learning and Instruction 2
NURS-635 Class/Course Preparation/Plan/Comp Eval Competency Evaluation 2
Third Semester
CNSG-613 Advanced Health Assessment 2-3
CNSG-618 Advanced Concepts in Pathophysiology 2-3
CNSG-622 Advanced Concepts in Pharmacology 2-3
Second Year
Fourth Semester
NURS-501 Theoretical Frameworks of Leadership 2
NURS-625 Thesis Development II 2
NURS-651 Advanced Education Practicum 2
Fifth Semester
NURS-506 Diversity, Social and Global Issues in Health Promotion and Disease Prevention 2
NURS-510 Spirituality/Care/Professional Nursing 1
NURS-512 Leg/Eth Perspectives for Adv Prac Edu & Education and Leadership/Management 2
NURS-531 Assessing, Planning, and Managing Budget Resources 2
Sixth Semester
NURS-526 Policies Affecting Health Delivery And Fiscal Systems 2
NURS-653 Leadership Practicum in Healthcare 2
NURS-642 Thesis Development III, Final Written Report and Defense 2
 Total Units38-41