Liberal Studies Minor

The Liberal Studies minor is designed to provide preparation for Vanguard University’s teaching credentialing program and to provide tools of preparation for the required, Commission-approved examination called the California Subject Examination for Teachings: Multiple Subjects (CSET). Students are required to pass the CSET prior to their semester of advanced student teaching in a credentialing program. (Students should refer to the Graduate Program in Education for further information about pursuing a teacher credential.)

Action taken by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CCTC) to insure conformance with the California State Board of Education and Public Law 107-110, the No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) requires that all teachers “new to the profession” who receive a Multiple Subject Teaching Credential or a Multiple Subject Intern Credential demonstrate subject matter competency by examination. There are three separate subtests to the Multiple Subject CSET exam: 1) Math and Science, 2) Social Studies and Language, and 3) Visual and Performing Arts, Humanities and Physical Education. Each subtest is composed of both multiple-choice and constructed-response questions. Each subtest is scored separately. To pass the CSET, one must pass each of the three subtests. The multiple subject CSET exam is offered in a computer-based format at testing locations Mondays through Saturdays by appointment year round. If one or more subtests are not passed, students may register for a retake of the subtest(s). Students intending to pursue teaching credentialing must also pass the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST) exam prior to enrollment in a teaching credential program.

The seminar courses listed for the Liberal Studies minor are correlated with the CSET subtests listed above and are designed to guide students in their preparation for the CSET. Per the catalog course descriptions, a student must complete all General Education requirements in a given subject matter prior to enrolling in the correlating seminar course.

In order to apply for a minor in Liberal Studies, a student must provide proof he/she has taken the California Basic Educational Skills Test (CBEST). In order to be granted the minor, a student must provide proof that she/he has passed the CBEST.

The Liberal Studies minor requires 21 units. A minimum of 12 units must be taken at VU. For more information regarding this minor, please contact the School for Professional Studies.