Education M.A.: Concentration in Christian Education Leadership with a Preliminary Credential

M.A. in Education: Concentration in Christian Education Leadership with a Preliminary Credential

The Master of Arts in Education with Preliminary Credential and with Concentration in Christian Education Leadership is intended for the individual who wants to combine a California Preliminary Multiple or Single Subject Credential with additional graduate training in Christian Leadership. This program includes 9 credits of graduate work from the Leadership Studies component of the M.A. program in Religion.


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  1. Become a teacher-researcher to enhance teaching practice
  2. Link theory and research to inform instruction and assessment
  3. Demonstrate a knowledge base of educational issues relevant to student learning
  4. Plan curriculum that aligns methods of assessment with standards to inform instruction
  5. Use multiple sources of data to assess student learning
  6. Use theory and research to inform both formative and summative assessment
  7. Demonstrate a collaborative work ethic to improve professional practice
  8. Communicate clearly through appropriate methods and media, while monitoring, analyzing and adjusting for diverse settings and context
  9. Engage in reflective practice that balances data driven decision making and human dynamics
  10. Demonstrate a holistic approach to student learning that integrates faith and learning
  11. Embrace God’s calling to maximize personal teaching-leadership skills and to demonstrate the qualities of a constructive change agent in the educational community

M.A. in Education - Concentration – Christian Education Leadership with a Preliminary Credential Requirements 

Prerequisite: Christian Education Leadership series coursework; California Preliminary Credential from Vanguard; consent of Director. Regular status is required prior to enrolling in the M.A. Core.
California Preliminary Credential28
Christian Education Leadership Requirements
Select nine units from the following courses: 9
Spiritual Formation
Team Development & Conflict Management
Leadership/Global Issues
Leadership/Character Developmt
Theology/Theory of Leadership
Other electives from the Graduate Theology Leadership courses, with approval.
M.A. Core Requirements
EDUG-605Current Issues in Education 12
EDUG-606Introduction to Educational Research4
EDUG-609Curriculum Design and Teaching2
EDUG-610Educational Assessment and Evaluation4
Total Units49

EDUG-605 Current Issues in Education should be taken as the first course of the M.A. Core and may be taken concurrently with EDUG-606 Introduction to Educational Research. EDUG-610 Educational Assessment and Evaluation must be taken as the final course of the M.A. Core. EDUG-609 Curriculum Design and Teaching may be taken concurrently with EDUG-610 Educational Assessment and Evaluation.