Liberal Studies B.A. Integrated Teacher Education Program (ITEP, Education Specialist)

Liberal Studies Program Outcomes (Undergraduate Portion of ITEP Education Specialist)

  1. Students will articulate their mission as a teacher in the context of their Christian faith through written and verbal modes of expression including reflective essays, a Christian faith integration paper, and class discussions.
  2. Students will demonstrate understanding of the various philosophies of education and be able to articulate their own personal philosophies in integrative papers and class discussions.
  3. Students will apply their knowledge of cultural diversity through fieldwork, oral presentations, and writing projects.
  4. Students will demonstrate their use of information literacy to support student learning by applying technology skills to collaborative online writing projects and objective exams.
  5. Students will apply their understanding of the state teaching profession standards by completing field experience observations and writing assignments.
  6. Students will apply their working knowledge of the foundations of the teaching profession through field experience.

Education Specialist Mild/Moderate Support Needs (MMSN) Program Learning Outcomes (Credential Portion of ITEP Education Specialist)

  1. Candidates will assess and respond to the unique and developmental needs and assets of students with disabilities using multiple measures and data-based decision-making.

  2. Candidates will integrate positive behavioral intervention and support strategies and social emotional learning best practices to create a student-centered, inclusive learning environment.

  3. Candidates will implement co-teaching and collaboration to partner with teachers, paraeducators, service providers, and families to support student success and to manage the Individualized Education Program (IEP) process.

  4. Candidates will use advocacy skills, culturally responsive teaching practices, and cultural reciprocity to improve outcomes for culturally, socially, and linguistically diverse students with disabilities.

  5. Candidates will create effective, content-specific, and universally designed instruction and enhance their expertise as lifelong learners through professional engagement.

The ITEP Pathway integrates a Bachelor of Arts degree with a preliminary Education Specialist (Special Education) Mild/Moderate Support Needs (MMSN) Credential by combining the study of academic subject matter for elementary school teaching with professional preparation and student teaching. Students must complete VU Core Requirements, Liberal Studies Program Requirements, and Education Specialist Credential Program Requirements to graduate via the ITEP pathway. This program follows standards established by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC). ITEP is specifically designed for undergraduates who have decided relatively early (no later than Spring semester of Sophomore year) to pursue a special education teaching career. Application process is required. Contact the Liberal Studies Department for more information.

Core Curriculum Requirements 143
Education Course Requirements 221
Visual and Performing Arts Requirements 23
English/Social Science/Human Development Requirements 219
Science Requirements 28
Education Specialist Credential Requirements 234
Total Units128

Education Course Requirements

EDUC-100Introduction to Education3
EDUC-220CResearched Writing for Liberal Studies Majors3
EDUC-315Teaching in a Multicultural Setting3
EDUC-326Child and Adolescent Development3
EDUC-344Psychological Foundations of Education3
EDUC-346Introduction to Special Education3
EDUC-499CSenior Capstone in Liberal Studies3
Total Units21

Visual and Performing Arts Requirements

MUSC-337BMusic for Elementary Schools (Non-Majors)3
Total Units3

English/Social Science/Human Development Requirements

EDUC-121Teaching Math Concepts for K-8 Educators3
EDUC-324/KINE-435Physical and Health Education for K-8 Educators3
EDUC-356Curriculum Methods in Elementary School Social Studies1
ENGL-340Children's Literature3
ENGL-453Language, Culture, and Linguistics3
HIST-156CU.S. History3
POLS-155CAmerican Democracy3
Total Units19

Science Requirements

Fundamentals of Biology for Non-Majors
and Fundamentals/Biology for Non-Majors Lab
Fundamentals of Physical Science
and Fundamentals of Physical Science Lab
Total Units8

Education Specialist Credential Requirements

EDUC-409Foundations in Teaching for Multiple Subject2
EDUC-419English Language Arts in Elementary Classrooms for Multiple Subject3
EDUC-471SCurricular Methods & Adaptations3
EDUC-472SDifferentiating Mathematics Instruction for Students with Disabilities3
EDUC-473SAssessment and Data-Based Decision- Making for Students with Disabilities3
EDUC-474SPositive Behavior and Social Emotional Learning Supports3
EDUC-475SCollaboration for IEP Case Management and Transition Planning3
EDUC-481SBeginning Clincial Practice and Cal TPA 14
EDUC-482SBeginning Clincial Practice and Cal TPA 1 support seminar1
EDUC-483SBeginning Clincial Practice and Cal TPA Cycle 28
EDUC-484SBeginning Clincial Practice and Cal TPA Cycle 2 support seminar1
Total Units34