Release of Student Records

A student may not receive any diploma or certificate until all financial obligations have been satisfied in accordance with policies described under Financial Payment Information and Policies page. Any diplomas or certificate shall be retained by the University until all such obligations are satisfied. Release of any such student records prior to or subsequent to any default by the debtor shall not be considered a binding precedent or modification of this policy. Pursuant to California Assembly Bill 1313, as of January 1, 2020, Vanguard University no longer withholds educational transcripts.

Students who have left the University without completing their degree may reactivate their academic file in order to ascertain those requirements that remain unfulfilled. They may do so by submitting a “Request to Reactivate Student Record” form to the Office of the Registrar. A fee will be assessed at the time of the request if more than one academic year has passed since the date of last attendance at Vanguard. The file will be considered open for twelve (12) months from the time of reactivation.