Financial Payment Information and Policies

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Payment of educational costs must be considered well in advance of registration. The essential costs are published prior to each new year and are available to students, parents, or employers so that proper preparation may be made. Each student is responsible for keeping his or her student account current. For a complete list of tuition, fees, room and board charges, please refer to the Office of Accounting Operations website using the link above. The University reserves the right to change tuition, fees, room and board charges without advance notice, should conditions so warrant.


Since the essential costs (tuition, fees, room, and board) are known in advance, students must make arrangements prior to registration to handle their account in accordance with university policies. The Vanguard University Financial Aid Office exists to assist the student in planning and procuring funds for educational costs. Students should pursue all forms of financial assistance through the Financial Aid Office.


Student Account Clearance is when a student must finalize their payment arrangements for each semester once they have completed academic registration. This may include submitting necessary documents for student account clearance purposes and selecting a semester payment option. All students are responsible for completing Student Account Clearance by the published deadlines despite the receipt of an invoice, billing statement, or payment reminder.  Please refer to the Office of Accounting Operations website for more information on financial registration for your respective program.

Semester charges are payable on or before the published Student Account Clearance deadlines, as well as any previous semester balances.  Financial aid from approved loans, scholarships, and other forms of student aid are permitted in order to reduce the total amount due.  All such student aid is administered through the Financial Aid Office.

The University offers two semester payment options. Prior balances (all charges related to a previous semester) must be paid in full. Semester payment arrangements must be made prior to the published Student Account Clearance deadline:

  • Option 1) Pay-In-Full: Pay the full amount referenced on your MyBill account by the published Student Account Clearance deadline.
  • Option 2) Semester Payment Plan: Pay your semester balance referenced on your MyBill account interest free in 5 or 4 monthly installments. Students must enroll in a semester payment plan by the published Student Account Clearance deadline. There is an enrollment fee each semester with this payment option.

*All Vanguard students must complete the five (5) required documents listed below by the Student Account Clearance Deadline. These documents are located on the student's self-service portal under the Waivers tab. Please Note: These documents are collected annually; therefore, we will only ask for them one time within an academic year.

  1. Financial Obligation Agreement
  2. Authorization of Allowable Charges
  3. Code of Conduct Waiver
  4. Risk and Liability Waiver
  5. Meningitis Waiver


Books, printed notes, and other supplies required for courses offered may be purchased by students from the Vanguard University Bookstore; see Bookstore website at Purchases may be made with cash, check, or major credit cards. Students are unable to charge books and supplies to their student account.


If a student does not meet their financial obligation to the University as agreed upon in the Financial Obligation Agreement, the Office of Accounting Operations will place a financial hold on the student’s account restricting all future registration and diploma. If the account remains delinquent for more than 90 days, the student is subject to placement with a third-party collection agency and may be submitted to the Franchise Tax Board (FTB) for interception of their state tax refund. If the account is placed with a collection agency, a 10% annual interest fee will be added to the account as well as negative marks on the student’s credit report.


There is a minimal fee per transcript. For 24-hour service, additional fees may be charged. For more information on order your transcript, contact the Registrar's Office at (714) 662-5200 or visit their website at


A Diploma will not be issued to, or on behalf of, any student who has an active financial hold on their account by the Office of Accounting Operations, or whose Federal Perkins Loan is delinquency status. 



Residential students are required to take their meals in the Café unless they have received a medical accommodation prior to the beginning of the semester or are living in an approved non-boarding room (see the Student Handbook for more information). Residential students seeking an accommodation should contact the Disability Services Office.


Residence on campus is available for traditional undergraduate students in two residence towers, three residence halls, and Vanguard Centre. Room costs are established on an annual basis, and rooms are to be vacated at the end of the academic year or upon withdrawal from classes.



Tuition refunds will be generated once the student reduces their course load or withdraws from the University. An official add/drop or withdrawal form must be filed with the Registrar’s Office. Refunds will be based on the date of receipt of the official forms by the Registrar’s Office according to the tuition refund schedules posted on the Office of Accounting Operations website:

Note: Tuition refund timelines vary based on the level of course (undergraduate, professional studies, or graduate) and the length of the course (5 weeks, 8 weeks, or 16 weeks). 

The refund schedule applies to all tuition, fees, room and board charges.  Students who withdraw or are expelled from the University may have their financial aid or a portion of their financial aid returned to the various aid programs. Any student who wishes to withdraw from the University must notify the Registrar’s Office of their “intent to withdraw”. The amount of financial aid returned for the student will be calculated based on this date. Federal aid will be returned based on the number of days the student attended/completed during the semester. State and institutional aid will be returned based on the refund percentage applied to the student’s institutional charges. See the Financial Aid Office for specific calculations.

Both Fall and Spring semester classes follow a regular five-day business week. Other class schedule formats are prorated accordingly.


All other fees are refundable based on the tuition refund schedule previously listed.


Students who have a credit balance on their account are eligible to receive a credit balance disbursement. If a student has a Title IV credit on their account, then a disbursement will automatically be processed unless the student has authorized a hold on the funds until the end of the award/loan period.

Students who are expecting a credit balance disbursement have the option of receiving their disbursement via ACH Direct Deposit, which allows Vanguard University to electronically transfer funds into a checking or savings account designated by the student, or via paper check mailed to the primary home address on file. For instructions on how to sign up for ACH Direct Deposit, please visit the Office of Accounting Operations website and select “Electronic Refunds (eRefunds)”.


This fee is non-refundable.


Room and board refunds will be given to students who have withdrawn from the University or have received an on-campus exemption. The refund is based on the Full Semester Course Schedule previously listed and is calculated from the established University occupancy date and the actual date of vacancy.