Journalism and Digital Media Minor

In an increasingly digital world, students with skills in media production and writing for online contexts will be prepared to work in a variety of industries. The Journalism and Digital Media minor provides students with fundamental journalism training, while also equipping them to create in multimodal environments, including audio and visual production and social media platforms. Courses in this program include Digital Writing and Design, Media Ethics,  and electives in photography, marketing, and film.

ENGL-235Introduction to Journalism3
ENGL/COMM-319Publications: Newspaper1-3
ENGL-437Advanced Journalism3
ENGL-458Digital Writing and Design3
ENGL-472Media Ethics and Law3
Select 6-9 units from the following:6-9
Elements of Storytelling
Intermediate Filmmaking Production
Special Topic:
Digital Storytelling
Travel Writing
Internship: Writing
Language, Culture, and Linguistics
Total Units19-24