English B.A.

  1. Literature and Textual Analysis: Demonstrate proficiency in the interpretation of literature and textual analysis through class discussions and writing projects (ILO 1, 2, 4) 
  2. Language, Culture, and Linguistics: Demonstrate cultural and structural knowledge of the English language (ILO 2, 5) 
  3. Composition and Rhetoric: Apply a variety of composing processes and rhetorical strategies to writing projects (ILO 3) 
  4. Communication: Evaluate, create, and participate in speech activities, dramatic performances, and technological media projects (ILO 3, 6) 
  5. Research Strategies: Demonstrate proficiency in advanced research strategies applied to writing papers, including the use of academic technology (ILO 4, 6) 
  6. Diversity: Demonstrate social awareness of diversity issues by interpreting, analyzing, and writing about various cultural perspectives in literature (ILO 1, 2, 5) 
  7. Integration of Faith and Learning: Integrate coursework with Christian faith by applying Christian perspectives to writing processes and the study of literature (ILO 1, 5) 
Core Curriculum Requirements 150
English Major Core Requirements36-38
Emphasis Requirements (Choose One)12
General Electives22-20
Total Units120

English Major Core Requirements

Core Requirements
ENGL-240CFoundations/Literary Study3
ENGL-260Monsters and Maidens: British Lit 17853
ENGL-262Romanticism/Resistance: British Lit 17853
ENGL-309Awakenings: Voices in American Lit3
ENGL-375The Art of the Memoir3
ENGL-433Global Voices: World Literature3
ENGL-455Shakespeare Through the Ages3
ENGL-458Digital Writing and Design3
ENGL-465Becoming a Reader: Theory/Crit of Lit3
ENGL-499CSynecdoche: Capstone3
Foreign Language (2 semesters of the same foreign language) 26-8
Total Units36-38

Number of units required from the Core Curriculum not included in the major requirements below. 


Students who pass two years of high school foreign language coursework with a grade of C- or higher are exempt from the foreign language requirement.  In the absence of this coursework and grade, students will be required to take 6-8 units of the same language, while enrolled at Vanguard University.

In addition to the English Major Core Requirements, each student is required to take 12 additional units of upper division courses to be chosen from the English Department curriculum, according to the generalist requirements or one of the two emphases within the major.

Literature and Textual Analysis Emphasis

This emphasis introduces the aspiring literary scholar to the study of literature in different historical and cultural contexts from American and British literatures to literatures in English from all over the world. Focused  electives allow students to study topics of interest more narrowly, including courses in J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis, Theopoetics, and the Victorian novel. The ability to read critically and assess how communication is accomplished in a text prepares students for many diverse careers from teaching to law.

Literature and Textual Analysis Emphasis Requirements
Select twelve units from the following courses: 12
Period Focus:
Genre Focus:
Children's Literature
Dramatic Lit: Script Analysis
Author Focus
Thematic Focus
Total Units12

 Writing Emphasis Requirements

The Writing Emphasis is robust and multi-faceted, offering   opportunities to explore, practice and finetune creative work in multiple genres. The emphasis begins with ENGL-350 Creative Writing, an introductory course that focuses on fiction, poetry and drama. Students are then free to delve into the many specific course offerings, including The Short Story, Creative Nonfiction, Playwriting, Travel Writing, and a plethora of journalism courses, including hands on experience working and writing for The Vanguard Voice, Vanguard University’s student newspaper.

Writing Emphasis Requirements
Select twelve units from the following courses: 12
Introduction to Journalism
Publications: Newspaper
Creative Writing
Travel Writing
Advanced Journalism
Creative Writing Workshop
Creative Nonfiction
Internship: Writing
Language, Culture, and Linguistics
Total Units12

Single Subject Teaching Requirements  

Building on the common courses and seminars, these students are also required take ENGL-315 Teaching English/Mltrcltrl Set  andENGL-453 Language, Culture, and Linguistics. Students should choose nine upper-division units of an emphasis from the English curriculum according to the California Teaching Commission (CTC) approved subject matter program, available in the English Department.

Generalist Requirements    

Beyond the common courses and seminars, the student should choose twelve units from the English curriculum according to his/her interests. Consultation with one’s academic advisor is recommended.

Disclaimer: This sample Four Year Plan is provided as a guide for the recommended sequencing of courses. Vanguard University requires that students complete a minimum of 120 units of required course work as outlined on the Requirements tab in order to receive a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. It is the student's responsibility to confirm with the department the course rotation before enrolling in courses. If applicable, please note the footnotes at the bottom of the page for additional information related to courses listed in a particular year and term. Questions, contact the Department of English.

Study Abroad Participation: Students interested in participating in the university's Study Abroad programs are encouraged to reach out to the Global Education and Outreach Office for more information and collaboration in their academic course planning. Students using Education and Training Benefits through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs are encouraged to also reach out to the School Certifying Official for more information regarding how benefits can be applied.

The following plan is for students beginning in even numbered years (e.g., 2022 or 2024). 

NOTE: Students who did not complete 2 years of a foreign language in high school with a "C-" or higher will need to complete two semesters of the same foreign language off-campus (VU does not currently offer foreign languages), but while enrolled at VU. Those 6-8 credits are not included in this four year plan but should be taken in the second year.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1 Term 1Units
CORE-100C Cornerstone 1
ENGL-120C Persuasive Writing 3
ENGL-240C Foundations/Literary Study 3
THEO-PLHDTheology Core Requirement 3
SOC-PLCRSocial Science Core Curriculum Reqm't 3
KINE-148C Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Lecture 3
Year 1 Term 2
MATH-PLCRMath Core Requirement 3
HSPS-PLCRHistory/Political Sci Core Requirement 3
COMM-201C Speech Composition and Presentation 3
NT-101C New Testament Survey 3
SOC-PLCRSocial Science Core Curriculum Reqm't 3
Year 2 Term 1
ENGL-220C Researched Writing 3
ENGL-260 Monsters and Maidens: British Lit 1785 3
OT-201C Old Testament Survey 3
FINA-PLCRFine Arts Core Curriculum Requirement 3
ENGL-EMPHUpper Division English Emphasis 3
Year 2 Term 2
ENGL-262 Romanticism/Resistance: British Lit 1785 3
ENGL-375 The Art of the Memoir 3
HIST-PLCR2History Core Requirement (World Civ) 3
NSCI-PLCRScience Lec/Lab Requirement 4
ELCT-PLHD3AGeneral Elective 3 Units 3
Year 3 Term 1
ENGL-309 Awakenings: Voices in American Lit 3
ENGL-458 Digital Writing and Design 3
THEO-300C Developing a Christian World View 3
ENGL-433 Global Voices: World Literature 3
ENGL-EMPHUpper Division English Emphasis 3
Year 3 Term 2
ENGL-465 Becoming a Reader: Theory/Crit of Lit 3
ENGL-EMPHUpper Division English Emphasis 3
ELCT-PLUD3Upper Division General Elective 3 Units 3
ELCT-PLHD6Electives 6 Units 6
Year 4 Term 1
CHIS-400C Christian Heritage 3
ELCT-PLUD3Upper Division General Elective 3 Units 3
ENGL-455 Shakespeare Through the Ages 3
ENGL-FLANGForeign Language or Electives 3
Year 4 Term 2
ENGL-499C Synecdoche: Capstone 3
ENGL-EMPHUpper Division English Emphasis 3
ENGL-FLANGForeign Language or Electives 3
ELCT-PLUD3Upper Division General Elective 3 Units 3
 Total Units116