History and Political Science ITEP B.A.

  1. Students will assess the history of the United States and identify their roles as active citizens in our country's political institutions.
  2.  Students will apply the qualitative and/or quantitative research methods, effectively using primary and secondary sources, interviews, libraries, and databases (as appropriate).
  3. Students will demonstrate their communication skills by organizing and explaining their thoughts clearly and coherently both orally and in writing.
  4. Students will develop critical historical and political analysis, including incorporating diverse voices into existing frameworks of historical and political theory.
  5. Students will integrate coursework with their Christian faith by applying a biblical lens to historical and political analysis.
Core Curriculum Requirements 138
History/Political Science Major Requirements66
General Electives0
Integrated Teacher Education Program Requirements27
Total Units131

History and Political Science Major with ITEP

Lower Division
ANTH-102CIntro to Cultural Anthropology3
BUSN-215Principles of Macroeconomics3
HIST-156CU.S. History3
HIST-203CWorld Civilizations I3
HIST-204CWorld Civilization II3
HIST/POLS-262Research Methods in Hist/Poli Science3
POLS-155CAmerican Democracy3
SOC-265CIntroduction to Behavioral Statistics3
Upper division
ENGL-453Language, Culture, and Linguistics3
HIST-316Teaching History/Multicultural Setting3
HIST-356History and Geography of California3
HIST-490CSenior Seminar3
HPS Upper Division classes U.S Focus6
HPS Upper Division Non-West/World Focus3
HPS Upper Division Non-U.S Focus6
HPS Upper Division Electives15
A minimum of 6 units in History & 6 units in Political Science must be part of the upper division electives
Credential Coursework
EDUC-424Foundations in Teaching for Single Subject2
EDUC-426Instructional Design and Subject Specific Pedagogy for Single Subject4
EDUC-435Supervised Fieldwork for Single Subject4
EDUC-444Language Acquisition for Secondary Students1
EDUC-447Metacognition/Reading Strategies for Secondary Students1
EDUC-452Literacy in Content Areas for Secondary Students1
EDUC-464Use of Technology in the Classroom1
EDUC-442CalTPA Cycle 10.5
EDUC-434Curriculum Unit Planning for Single Subject2
EDUC-488Clinical Practice Seminar for Single Subject2
EDUC-489Clinical Practice Fieldwork for Single Subject8
EDUC-443CalTPA Cycle 20.5
Total Units93

Number of units required from the Core Curriculum not included in the major requirements below. 

Disclaimer: This sample Four Year Plan is provided as a guide for the recommended sequencing of courses. Vanguard University requires that students complete a minimum of 120 units of required course work as outlined on the Requirements tab in order to receive a Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Science, or Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree. It is the student's responsibility to confirm with the department the course rotation before enrolling in courses. If applicable, please note the footnotes at the bottom of the page for additional information related to courses listed in a particular year and term. Questions, contact the Department of History and Political Science.

Study Abroad Participation: Students interested in participating in the university's Study Abroad programs are encouraged to reach out to the Global Education and Outreach Office for more information and collaboration in their academic course planning. Students using Education and Training Benefits through the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs are encouraged to also reach out to the School Certifying Official for more information regarding how benefits can be applied.

Plan of Study Grid
Year 1 Term 1Units
CORE-100C Cornerstone 1
ENGL-120C Persuasive Writing 3
HIST-156C U.S. History 3
THEO-101C Foundations of Christian Life 3
ANTH-102C Intro to Cultural Anthropology 3
KINE-148C Lifetime Fitness and Wellness Lecture 3
Year 1 Term 2
POLS-155C American Democracy 3
NSCI-PLCRScience Lec/Lab Requirement 4
NT-101C New Testament Survey 3
PSYC-103C Introduction to Psychology 3
HIST-203C World Civilizations I 3
Year 2 Term 1
COMM-201C Speech Composition and Presentation 3
HIST-262 Research Methods in Hist/Poli Science 3
SOC-265C Introduction to Behavioral Statistics 3
HIST-204C World Civilization II 3
OT-201C Old Testament Survey 3
Year 2 Term 2
ENGL-230C Literature and the Human Experience 3
HIST-356 History and Geography of California 3
FINA-PLCRFine Arts Core Curriculum Requirement 3
HSPS-ELCTHPS Upper Div Elective US 3
HSPS-ELCTNUSHPS Upper Division Elective-Non-U.S. 3
HSPS-ELCTNUWHPS Upper Division Elective Non-US/ World Focus 3
Year 3 Term 1
THEO-300C Developing a Christian World View 3
HIST-316 Teaching History/Multicultural Setting 3
HSPS-ELCTHPS Upper Div Elective US 3
HSPS-ELCTNUSHPS Upper Division Elective-Non-U.S. 3
HSPS-ELCTUPDHistory/Political Science Upper Div Elective 3
Year 3 Term 2
BUSN-215 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
HSPS-ELUPD12History/Political Science Upper Div HSPS Upper Division Electives (12u) 12
Year 4 Term 1
CHIS-400C Christian Heritage 3
EDUC-434 Curriculum Unit Planning for Single Subject 2
EDUC-426 Instructional Design and Subject Specific Pedagogy for Single Subject 4
EDUC-435 Supervised Fieldwork for Single Subject 4
EDUC-444 Language Acquisition for Secondary Students 1
EDUC-447 Metacognition/Reading Strategies for Secondary Students 1
EDUC-452 Literacy in Content Areas for Secondary Students 1
EDUC-464 Use of Technology in the Classroom 1
EDUC-442 CalTPA Cycle 1 0.5
Year 4 Term 2
HIST-490C Senior Seminar 3
EDUC-434 Curriculum Unit Planning for Single Subject 2
EDUC-443 CalTPA Cycle 2 0.5
EDUC-488 Clinical Practice Seminar for Single Subject 2
EDUC-489 Clinical Practice Fieldwork for Single Subject 8
 Total Units128