Pre-Law Studies Minor

The Pre-Law Studies minor is an interdisciplinary course of study designed to provide students a theoretical and practical introduction to the study of the law and society. The minor includes course work in law, political science, sociology, business, history, English and communication. It is strongly recommended that students take advantage of the interdisciplinary nature of the minor and select electives from a variety of academic disciplines.

The minor requires a total of 21 units.  Courses should cover a minimum of three disciplines.  In addition, a maximum of nine units may be used from the units used to complete the requirements of a major.

Select 21 units from the following:21
Business Law
Contemporary Issues in Public Discourse
Global Voices: World Literature
Becoming a Reader: Theory/Crit of Lit
The History of Human Rights
American Democracy
Comparative Political Thought
Gender & Politics
Constitutional Law
Public Policy Issues
International Politics
Criminology/Criminal Justice System
Family Violence
Inside-Out-Jail Class
Juvenile Delinquency & Justice
Deviant Behavior
Prisons and Jails
Total Units21

Other courses may be approved on a case-by-case basis by the Pre-Law Minor Advisor or the History & Political Science Department Chair.