Identity Statement

Affiliated with the General Council of the Assemblies of God, USA (Springfield, MO) through the Southern California (SoCal) Network of the Assemblies of God (Irvine, CA), the university embraces the Assemblies of God doctrinal statement and its Pentecostal heritage of Spirit-empowered life and thought. Faculty, staff, and students display considerable diversity in denominational affiliation, cultural expression, and academic pursuits. Together they affirm the authority of Scripture, the Lordship of Jesus Christ, and belief that human nature, though marred by sin, enjoys nevertheless the potential of personal redemption through God’s salvation in Jesus Christ. From this Evangelical and Pentecostal perspective, the Vanguard community commits itself to global Christian witness and to faithfully serving our communities, our nation, and our world in Christ’s name, embracing the values of Truth, Virtue, and Service.

The University believes that scholarship in the arts, sciences, and professional studies illuminated by Christian truth fosters the intellectual development, moral maturity, and spiritual vitality of students. A Vanguard education, therefore, promotes the integration of faith, learning, and living.

The University is committed to providing professor-mentors that live in dynamic community with students. A hallmark of a Vanguard education is the emphasis on the relational and collaborative nature of learning. Caring and supportive relationships among students, faculty and staff provide opportunities for persons to share their faith journeys, to explore their hopes, and to nourish their souls. The community provides a safe and exciting place where we believe the Holy Spirit inspires and empowers scholarship, creative expression, witness, service, and exploration of God’s world.