University Institutes and Centers for Learning

Vanguard University is committed to preparing students through an education marked by academic excellence and spiritual vitality for productive service in a variety of vocations and ministries that are matched to the marketplace of the 21st century. In casting the vision of its preferred future as a leading Christian university, Vanguard University draws upon its distinctive Pentecostal heritage to advance an adventurous spirit that forges partnerships between the university, the church, and the community in promoting Christian witness, scholarship, civic responsibility, and social transformation. A strong commitment to cultural diversity, racial reconciliation, and gender equality is a consequence of Vanguard University being deeply grounded in the Pentecostal faith, a tradition that brought the university into existence. These core values continue to define the university’s institutional vision. Within this Christian context of inclusiveness, the university aims to provide a quality educational experience marked by the pursuit of truth, the cultivation of character, and the desire for service. The following institutes and centers help to advance the University’s mission.

The Global Center for Women and Justice

Sandra Morgan, Ph.D., Director
Derek Marsh, Associate Director

Founded in 2003, the Global Center for Women and Justice (GCWJ) promotes gender reconciliation and the inherent dignity of all persons through research, education, advocacy, and collaboration to build Hope. Our efforts include a focus on anti-human trafficking and offer interdisciplinary studies programs, integrated research, victim-survivor advocacy, education on issues impacting vulnerable and at-risk populations and partnerships and prevention efforts with local and global victim advocacy, business, educational, law enforcement, government and non-profit agencies. GCWJ prepares students to address the global status of women and vulnerable populations through collaborative and restorative justice principles. 

The Judkins Institute for Leadership Studies

Douglas Petersen, Ph.D., Executive Director
Roger Heuser, Ph.D., Director, Leadership and Spirituality

The mission of the The Judkins Institute for Leadership Studies promotes leadership, which develops the spirit, character and ethics of purposeful and transformative organizations. This is done by striving to be a growing, diverse learning community of business, community and religious leaders who join together in dialogue and action in order to transform our enterprises through justice and compassion.  In collaborating with leadership partners in business, community and religious organizations, The Judkins Institute for Leadership Studies conduct research, promote the formation of leaders, and develop resources.

The Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies

Jonathan Allbaugh, Ph.D., Director and Dean of Missional Effectiveness

The Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies encourages and supports the study of the Pentecostal and Charismatic movements. The Institute serves as a conference and research center for scholars, church leaders, students and others who are interested in probing the historical significance and contemporary global role of Pentecostalism and the Charismatic movements. Activities of the Institute include sponsoring lectureships, seminars and roundtables and an annual Pentecostal Leaders Series; overseeing a Pentecostal bibliographic collection; encouraging undergraduate and graduate study in Pentecostalism; publishing occasional monographs and other materials pertinent to the study of Pentecostalism. The Lewis Wilson Institute for Pentecostal Studies is named in the honor of Dr. Lewis Wilson, Professor of History, who retired at the end of the 1994-95 academic year after offering twenty-eight years of service at Vanguard University, and over forty years of continuous service as an Assemblies of God and Pentecostal educator.

The Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership

Norlan Hernández, Ph.D., Director

The Jesse Miranda Center for Hispanic Leadership At Vanguard University exists to educate, equip, and empower Latina/o leaders for the purpose of transforming the campus, church, and community through education and partnerships. The center's purpose rests on the three pillars --leadership, education, and partnership. The center seeks to nurture leadership within three constituents: campus (students, staff, and faculty), church, and community. There are three major foci for the center's educational efforts: Research development, leadership development, cross-cultural development. The center also seeks to maximize key relationships to achieve its mission. Hence, collaboration with campus, church, and community partners is critical.