Industrial and Organizational Psychology Certificate

The Industrial/Organizational Psychology Certificate provides training and skill in theoretical frameworks, consulting skills, assessments, and analytics for people in the strategic HR space. This certificate will provide the content knowledge as well as the required skill through both course and lab work. Upon graduating you will be able to consult with a thorough understanding of relevant theoretical and evidential frameworks, gain authenticity and credibility in working with potential clients, understand, administer, and score relevant assessments plus perform the analyses to understand assessment scores and make sense about how to drive business deliverables based on the data. This certificate gives you the foundational knowledge and skill base to enter the strategic HR consulting field.

PSOG-507Intro to Psychology and Behavior in Org In Organizations3
Organizational Research & Analytics
and Organizational Research & Analytics Lab
Talent Assessments
and Talent Assessments Lab
PSOG-656Organizational Consulting2
Total Units15

Please Note:  This is a stand-alone certificate. If paired with the Talent & Leadership Development certificate, students may be eligible to complete several more classes to earn an M.S. degree. These courses are the same that a M.S. in I/O psych student would take.