Theology Minor (Traditional Undergraduate)

Students in other academic majors may earn a minor in Theology (no emphasis) by completing a minimum of 20 credits from courses housed within the School of Theology and Ministry. Courses taken as part of the university Core Curriculum (College) requirements for Theology may be applied towards credits for the minor. Transfer units from other institutions are not accepted toward the Theology minor. 

Minimum 20 units of coursework.
Courses recommended for minor coursework:
THEO-101CFoundations of Christian Life3
or THEO-103C Intro to Theology
or THEO-103H Introduction to Theology Honors
NT-101CNew Testament Survey3
OT-201COld Testament Survey3
THEO-300CDeveloping a Christian World View3
or THEO-300H Developing a Christian World View
CHIS-400CChristian Heritage3
or CHIS-400H Christian Heritage
Electives (Lower Division or Upper Division)5
Total Units20