Marketing Minor

The Marketing Minor is designed to equip Vanguard students with persuasive communication, consumer insights, and strategic brand management to serve in positions of service and leadership across the three business, nonprofit, and government sectors.

Vanguard students outside of the School of Business & Management are eligible to minor in Marketing by completing eighteen (18) units in courses offered by the Patty Arvielo School of Business and Management (PASBM). Twelve (12) of the 18 units must be taken at Vanguard University.

Accounting, Business Administration, and Management majors are also eligible to minor in Marketing by applying six (6) units from required courses in their major in addition to 12 units from among the following courses offered by the PASBM. 

Required Coursework
MRKT-360Principles of Marketing3
MRKT-365Marketing Research3
or MRKT-369 Consumer Behavior
Choose 3 units from MRKT courses3
Select 9 units from the following: 19
Visual Technology
Graphic Design
Communication Across Cultures
Social Media
Mobile and Web Development
Multinational Marketing
Strategic Marketing
Special Topic in Marketing 2
Total Units18

If MRKT-365 Marketing Research was chosen above, MRKT-369 Consumer Behavior may be taken as an elective. If MRKT-369 Consumer Behavior was chosen above, MRKT-365 Marketing Research may be taken as an elective.


Only when MRKT-470 is "Action Sports Marketing" can the course be used as an elective option for the minor.