Academic Advising (Traditional Undergraduate)

Stacey Sandeford-Lyons, MA, Dean of Student Success and Academic Services

Mission: The mission of Academic Advising at Vanguard University is to provide students with a clear path to graduation, enhance the student experience, and partner with students to meet their academic and career goals. We seek to equip students to lead a Christ-centered, Spirit-empowered life of leadership and service.

Each student is assigned a Student Success Coordinator (SSC) according to their major as soon as they matriculate into the university. Student Success Coordinators (otherwise known as Academic Advisors) meet with each of their assigned students at least once per semester and provide advice on course selection, how to utilize campus resources, and guide students in their academic journey as they progress toward timely graduation and eventual career. 

Students can locate and contact their assigned Student Success Coordinator by logging into the self-service portal, clicking on "Degree Tracker" and then selecting "Plan and Schedule." The Student Success Coordinator's name and email can be found on the "Advising" tab at the top of that page.