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Mission: Our mission is to provide a safe and secure environment for our students, visitors, faculty and staff. Our goal is to reduce or eliminate crime and safety hazards on campus. We do this by partnering with you in upholding all university campus rules, regulations and all applicable laws and ordinances. This partnership allows for a safe and secure atmosphere where students and employees are able to pursue their life’s goals.

The Campus Public Safety Department offers the following services: vehicle registration, parking permits, safety escorts, safety equipment monitoring, bicycle registration, lost and found, crime reporting, parking and traffic enforcement, safety and security patrols, main switchboard operator, environmental health and safety services, management of the emergency management program, and various other services. We can be reached at (714) 966-6799 or


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Mission: The Information Technology (IT) department is a service-oriented office dedicated to providing technical resources and assistance to the VU community. The IT department impacts the future growth and progress of the institution by maintaining and upgrading current technological resources as well as introducing new technology and training to advance learning, instruction, and productivity.

The IT Department maintains a sophisticated campus network infrastructure with a gigabit fiber optic backbone and wireless capability throughout the resident and non-resident areas of the campus. All dorm rooms are equipped with one data port (additional ethernet switch for additional ports are available for check out in the IT department — personal routers and wireless routers are not permitted).  In order for students to access the VU network from their dorm room, they must provide their own personal computer, including a professionally installed wireless card or an Ethernet card and a CAT5 Ethernet cable. Detailed packets with instructions outlining how to configure personal systems to connect to the VU network are provided.

The campus phone system is also maintained by the IT Department. With the growing use of cell phones, most students do not want a room phone. For this reason, phones are not provided to each dorm room, however, campus security phones are provided on each floor.

Every student will receive a login to the campus network. A Vanguard University e-mail address will also be issued to each student. By enrolling at Vanguard, students agree to be bound by the IT “Acceptable Use Policy” and “Student Guidelines for Computer Usage” as outlined in the Student Handbook. Failure to comply with these standards may result in the loss of campus network computing privileges. Serious cases of misuse will be investigated by the IT Department and turned over to the Dean of Students for further action.


A Vanguard University Student ID Card is required for use of university services such as the Waugh Student Center, Library, residential housing, and computer labs. ID cards are provided to the student at their New Student Orientation event for fall semesters, or following their Academic Registration events for spring and summer semesters. They are to be used for the entire duration of attending the university and should be kept in a safe, easily accessible place such as a wallet or lanyard. If an ID card is lost, a new card may be purchased for $25. The charge can be reconciled with the Accounting Office on the student's MyBill account, which takes approximately 2-4 weeks. If a card is excessively used throughout the collegiate career and becomes worn, a student may trade in their old card in addition to a $10.00 fee for a replacement card. ID cards may not be hole punched or altered in any way. Please see the Information Technology Department for any questions and for distribution of all ID cards.


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Mission: The Vanguard University Counseling Center (VUCC) exists to empower individuals to live a more productive, responsible and holistic Christian lifestyle through Christian care, compassion, professional competence and shared knowledge.

Professional Christian counseling services are provided through the Counseling Center. The Counseling Center is supervised by a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and a licensed Clinical Psychologist.  Students can make confidential appointments to discuss their spiritual, personal, and emotional concerns. This service is provided for each student free of charge. Counseling appointments can be scheduled by calling (714) 662-5256, or online at  Walk-in assistance is also available.  The Counseling Center is located on the first floor of Smith Hall. 


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Mission: The mission of the Health Center is to provide quality health and wellness care as a supplement to the student’s existing health care plan for acute illnesses and injuries in a safe, comfortable, and confidential environment.

The student Health Center, located in Smith Hall, strives to provide quality health and wellness in a safe, comfortable and confidential environment, as a supplement to the student’s existing health care plan for acute illnesses and injuries. The Health Center does not provide primary care services. Appointments may be scheduled online, by phone, or in the office. Services provided include diagnostics and treatment for common acute episodic medical conditions; administration of diagnostic tests include strep, mono, urinalysis, influenza and TB; care for minor injuries such as sprains, contusions, wounds and more.  Furthermore, we offer basic rehabilitation exercises, counsel for nutrition, exercise and weight management, and consultation and referral to a number of health professionals and facilities covered by the student’s existing medical insurance as appropriate.  You can reach the Health Center at 714-619-6471 or at


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Located in the Waugh Student Center, the Jeff and Kendra Motske Fitness Center is open to all students. The Fitness Center is free for students to use and has equipment for a wide range of student needs including an open free weights area, many options for cardio equipment, weight machines, and lockers rooms for commuter students. Currently, Reservations are required to use the fitness center to ensure that everyone using the fitness center has a safe and enjoyable experience. Reservations can be made when students create an account using their vanguard email and current student ID at the website above. Students will also be able to see our full hours and operations, and dress code.


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Located in the Waugh Student Center, the Bruce Lindsay Café is open to all students and serves meals regularly. Resident students without kitchens must participate in a board plan and can select from several plans offered.  Commuter meal plans and a la carte items are also offered, and individual meals may be purchased by off-campus guests.  Dr. Ben's Coffee Bar is available for handcrafted coffee drinks, pastries and a variety of salads and cold sandwiches.  Dining Dollars may be added to the meal plan at the Cashier in the Office of Accounting Operations. Any exceptions to food service requirements must be petitioned through the Office of Disability Services.


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Mission: Equipping our students to prepare and stand out as they pursue their career.

Career Services equips students to prepare and stand out for current and future employment.  They provide relevant resources, avenues for exploration, and experienced one-on-one career advising.  These services are free to currently enrolled students and alumni of Vanguard University. Career advising topics include resume and cover letter assistance, mock interviews, job and internship search, LinkedIn profile assistance, career direction, choosing a major, negotiating, graduate school preparation, and assessment results. Events and workshops are offered to educate and engage students in networking and experiential learning opportunities.  Additional resources provided include a library of printed and online documents. Their online platform, Handshake, allows students and alumni to schedule career advising appointments and identify on-and-off campus job and internship opportunities.  Career Services is located on the 2nd floor of the Scott Academic Center and may be reached at (714) 619-6474, or at


Vanguard University has a primary mission to consistently engage our student Veterans in the pursuit of academic and personal success, including spouses and dependents. Our Veterans are engaged in activities both on and off campus. With over 30 degrees and certificates through our Graduate, Undergraduate, and Professional Studies programs, we have a place for you as a student Veteran.  Our student Veterans are currently enrolled across all three programs, with priority registration offered. Our Professional Studies program has four majors consisting of 5 and 8-week cohorts which allow many of our Veterans to keep full time employment while attending class one night a week. Vanguard University has a dedicated Veterans Courtyard of Honor that shows Vanguard’s commitment to respecting and honoring your service to our Nation. The Veterans Club, run by student Veterans, focuses on hosting social programs in order to build a strong network for student Veterans.  We want to continue this honor by learning your story, while listening to your aspirations for your education and life after graduation. For more information, contact the School Certifying Official.