General Expectations of the Vanguard Community


These expectations apply to each student while he or she is enrolled in a University program (traditional undergraduate programs) or residing in University approved housing, and includes students studying abroad. Each student is expected to exercise restraint in these matters even when he or she is not under direct University jurisdiction. These rules apply to on and off campus behavior and for the whole academic year, from the beginning of the fall semester or as soon as a student moves into on-campus housing or participates in university activities, until the completion of the spring semester including all vacation periods (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Spring break, etc.). The same expectations apply for all summer programs, such as summer courses, outreach trips, summer housing, etc.


As Christians and members of society, all students are expected to comply with local, state, and federal laws when enrolled in a VU academic program, living in University housing, or engaged in any University sponsored activity. Students should expect the University to cooperate with law enforcement agencies and to initiate disciplinary proceedings when violations of such laws occur, if the infraction also violated VU behavioral and community standards. Students arrested or charged with a crime while enrolled or residing at VU must report this information to the Vice President for Student Affairs within 72 hours.


The University reserves the right to review actions taken by civil authorities regarding any student or student organization. University disciplinary proceedings may be instituted against a student charged with violation of law and may, at the sole discretion of the University, be carried out prior to, concurrently, or following civil or criminal proceedings. Violations occurring during non-enrolled periods may be considered by the University in determining whether a student will be eligible to continue his/her enrollment in the University, and if so, under what conditions. 


A copy of the Undergraduate Student Handbook of campus and resident guidelines is available online through the student portal (login credentials required). Students are expected to be familiar with its contents and to conduct themselves in accordance with its provisions. The university reserves the right to make changes and periodic updates to the handbook at any time.