The O. Cope Budge Library

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James Darlack, MAOT, MANT, MSLIS, Senior Director 

Mission: The O. Cope Budge Library acquires, manages, and promotes the use of information resources in a user-centered environment. The library links students, faculty, and staff to an increasingly global body of knowledge. The library faculty teach critical thinking skills in the research process and promote the ethical use and evaluation of information resources. The library faculty and staff promote personal enrichment, foster multicultural appreciation, and encourage lifelong learning. Through its personnel, resources, and services, the library supports the student learning outcomes, goals, and curriculum of Vanguard University.

The library exists to help students succeed at Vanguard University. It is our mission to connect the Vanguard community with the resources and skills needed for teaching and learning in and outside of the classroom. Vanguard's library staff have pulled together and organized information resources—in print and online—to assist in research and classwork. The O. Cope Budge Library building provides a place for study, research, and collaboration. Most importantly, the library is where students and faculty will find the library staff. Faculty-librarians are available to assist with asking effective research questions, finding and citing resources, and using library research tools.