Finance (FINC)

FINC-P415  Data Analytics for Business Decisions  3 Credits  

This course focuses on evidence-based leadership in solving real-world problems. Students are introduced to decision-making models and techniques used to evaluate alternative courses of action to improve business performance. (Course previously under BUOM)

FINC-P470  Special Topic:  1-3 Credits  
FINC-P484  Financial Management  3 Credits  

This course enables professionals to apply financial management theory in real business situations ultimately aimed at actionable decision making. Topics include cash flow optimization, profit maximization, forecasting & budgeting, financial analysis, financing through debt or equity, valuation, and analyzing risk and return. BUOM 485 . Strategic Marketing Management (3 units) This course takes a case study approach to the development of marketing strategy and plans. Group discussions, presentations, and written case analyses are used with emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative assessment of management issues. Focus is on critical thinking and application of concepts and techniques to problem identification, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. It is recommended that students first complete college math and accounting. (Formerly BUOM 479 Marketing Strategies)

FINC-320  Personal Financial Mgt  3 Credits  

Personal management of budgets, bank accounts, loans, credit buying, insurance, real estate, security buying, and investments, providing students with effective management guidelines to manage their own personal financial affairs.

FINC-332  Money & Banking  3 Credits  

Nature and functions of money and its relation to prices; the monetary system of the United States; and functions of banks, bank credit, foreign exchange, and monetary control.

FINC-335  Corporate Finance  3 Credits  

This course is designed to provide the student with an overview of the financial principles and techniques related to financial management within a business enterprise. The course will introduce tools for financial decision making, policy making, and analysis. Areas studied will include financial statement analysis, asset valuation methods, capital budgeting, cost of capital, and capital asset pricing model.

Prerequisite: ACCT-225

FINC-340  Real Estate Finance  3 Credits  

Overview of real estate principles, practices, and investment decisions. Topics include equity investment, finance, legal aspects, property development, real estate market analysis, and valuation.

FINC-405  Investments  3 Credits  

This course is designed to provide an overview of security valuation and trading methods; technical and fundamental analysis; portfolio theory, analysis, and allocation; and real estate principles and investment decisions.

FINC-421  International Finance  3 Credits  

Integrates various aspects of the financial control system of the international firm utilizing case study analysis. Attention will be given to the application of complex problem solving and model building in dealing with financial and economic forecasting for the firm and the global economy.

FINC-440  Entreprnrship: Formtn/New Ventures  3 Credits  

The theory and practice of new venture development. Studies business opportunities from the point of view of the entrepreneur/manager rather than passive investor. Topics include strategic management, venture capital, and writing business plans.

FINC-490  Seminar  1-3 Credits  

Mutual investigation of one topic in finance of particular relevance to upper division majors. May be repeated for credit provided topics are dissimilar.