Marketing (MRKT)

MRKT-P314  Product Marketing and Brand Strategy  3 Credits  

Introduces students to new product/service planning techniques covering ideation and concept evaluation to product design, packaging messaging, segmentation, share projections, pricing, branding and global planning. Emphasis will be on buidling skills to think critically, creatively, and strategically about the process to design, build, communicate, leverage, and defend sustainable brands. The power of positioning and story-telling for both new and established brands will be examined.

MRKT-P414  Digital Marketing and Analytics  3 Credits  

This course focuses on digital marketing strategies and analytical tooks for assessment. The course covers theory and provides a practical approach to using marketing data sets, data mining and data visualization tools. Students are introduced to decision-making models and social media analytic tools and techniques used to evaluate alternative courses of action to improve digital marketing performance.

MRKT-P470  Special Topic in Marketing  1-3 Credits  

Study of a special topic in one of the fields of marketing. May be repeated for credit provided topics are dissimilar.

MRKT-P471  Principles of Marketing  3 Credits  

An introduction to basic marketing theory and terminology. Students will analyze real-world cases exploring domestic and international marketing opportunities and problems, develop skills and confidence to identify and evaluate critical marketing data, and develop successful programs to solve business problems and capitalize on market opportunities. (Formerly BUOM 473 Marketing in a Global Economy).

MRKT-P485  Strategic Marketing Management  3 Credits  

This course takes a case study approach to the development of marketing strategy and plans. Group discussions, presentations, and written case analyses are used with emphasis on both quantitative and qualitative assessment of management issues. Focus is on critical thinking and applicaiton of concepts and techniques to problem identificaiton, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. It is recommended that students first complete college math and accounting. (Formerly BUOM 485 Strategic Marketing Management.)

MRKT-322  Direct & Interactive Marketing  3 Credits  

Principles and strategies for direct and Internet marketing. Includes study of techniques and methodology for maximizing effectiveness of programs. Integrated with overall marketing plan development.

MRKT-360  Principles of Marketing  3 Credits  

Studies marketing and marketing strategy from a managerial approach. It explores placing products and services in markets at a fair price while meeting customer expectations. The course builds upon the classical "four Ps" theory, and examines marketing's contemporary ideas and practices.

Prerequisite: MATH-116 or MATH-170; and BUSN-165C orPSYC-265C or its equivalent.

MRKT-362  Advertising & Promotion  3 Credits  

Advertising and promotion principles and concepts. Includes practical application of textbook learning. Creative development of TV, radio and print advertising, and consumer promotions. Development of advertising, media, and promotion plans.

MRKT-365  Marketing Research  3 Credits  

Develops the skills needed to conduct and apply research for marketing decision making. Problem formulation, secondary data, primary research, and fundamentals of analysis are covered.

MRKT-366  Sales & Sales Management  3 Credits  

Probes and identifies responses and conduct of potential consumers to the various stimuli generated in the media.

Prerequisite: MRKT-360 and MNGT-325

MRKT-367  Multinational Marketing  3 Credits  

Models for delivery of international promotions are studied with an emphasis upon cross-cultural considerations and complications.

MRKT-368  Retailing/Merchandise  3 Credits  

Focuses upon those distribution channels, promotional techniques, and customer relations unique to the retail industry. Special emphasis is directed toward individual development of marketing plans.

MRKT-369  Consumer Behavior  3 Credits  

Provides a usable understanding of current consumer behavior concepts and develops a background of knowledge that will enable the individual to apply these principles in marketing.

MRKT-370  Action Sports Marketing  3 Credits  

This course is designed to equip students with an increased awareness of, interest in, and ability to positively contribute to marketing initiatives in the action sports industry. Students will learn the conceptual framework and strategies necessary for successful marketing within this unique and dynamic industry. Topics cover a broad spectrum, including: comparison with traditional marketing; company/industry analysis; customer analysis and demographics; product branding strategies; multi-media communications; channels of distribution; teams, events, and promotions. The class will take advantage of the close proximity to numerous action sports industry leading companies by scheduling dynamic guest speakers and several off-site visits.

Prerequisite: MRKT-360 with a "C" or better.

MRKT-464  Strategic Marketing  3 Credits  

This course expands on a foundation related to the primary components of marketing including: market segmentation, research produce/service, branding, price, marketing communication, and market channel strategies. The course offers a case study approach with large and small group discussion and presentations. A mix of global, e-based, profit, non-profit, goods and services related organizations are studied. The primary focus is on application of concepts learned and stimulation of critical thinking skills such as analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

Prerequisite: ACCT-321 or FINC-335; MNGT-325, BUSN-316 orBUSN-317; and MRKT-360 with a "C" or better.

MRKT-470  Special Topic in Marketing  1-3 Credits  

Study of a special topic in one of the fields of marketing. May be repeated for credit provided topics are dissimilar.

MRKT-490  Seminar:  1-3 Credits  

Mutual investigation of one topic in marketing or particular relevance to upper division majors. May be repeated for credit provided topics are dissimilar.